Like attracts
here envies there
and good spawns evil,
dualistically speaking.

Outside duality
gravity is not law,
physically speaking.

Here it is seen
as magnetism
drawing to you
as you resonate,
karmically speaking.

A black hole of choice
given unto you
where there is no escape
from that which comes,
metaphorically speaking.

A vortex of choice
begetting results
befitting duality,
metaphysically speaking.

Smoke and mirrors
distracting this mind
from the powers within,
truthfully speaking.

As you resonate
out of the madness
a tingling takes you beyond touch
into knowing,
cosmically speaking.

All ending in a happy dream
for giving becomes for getting
seen as being one and the same,
spiritually speaking.

Like attracts
as you reap what you sow.
This is the law,
naturally speaking.


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