Lynn Young, Guest speaker, Edge Life Expo
"How We affect our World on a Global Level"
Room 101DE, 7-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10, $33 in Advance, $38 at the Door

Lynn Young, a daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of highly intuitive
women, is an insightful mystic noted for her incredibly accurate, in-depth readings.
She is a full body channel for an omniscient being named "G." As a full
body channel, Lynn is completely disconnected from the body while channeling, and
thus, like all of those who attend her sessions, after each channeling she must listen
to recordings to glean the truth for herself.

Thirteen years ago, the energy of "G" came through her body for the first
time. While "G" appears to be male energy, in reality "G" is
androgynous, a being of Divine Light who has come here to reawaken the knowledge
of how to walk the master path that we have hidden from ourselves for thousands and
thousands of years. Lynn explains that he lovingly coaches us to help us uncover
the God-like power we have forgotten so we can live highly effective, successful
and joyous lives. He is a dynamic, eloquent spirit whose use of storytelling, diagrams
and interactive discussions with the audience teach people how to live life in unconditional
love and harmony.

Lynn’s Minnesota-based transformational company, Master Paths LLC, sponsors seminars,
workshops and classes that teach people how to transcend the human matrix, shed the
religious matrix and reclaim the spiritual life that is a birthright. The foundation
of this knowledge is based upon the Enlightened Principles revealed by "G."
These principles help people to utilize and master the divine power within. An ordained
minister with degrees in Communications and Art, Lynn has just completed her first
book, Being, which will be introduced at Edge Life Expo.

During her Expo event, Lynn will explore how we affect the world directly by everything
we think, say, feel, emote or do. "How do we change the momentum and the direction
of where this planet is heading?" she asks. "Each person is directly responsible
for how the planet is – or is not. The one thing missing out of all of this is love
and happiness. Most people are so busy projecting into the future of what they think
they should do, would or want to do that they completely lose track of how the very
present part of human life is Now."

She spoke with Edge Life about her upcoming appearance at Edge Life Expo and the
messages of "G."

First of all, I like the concept of your upcoming talk at the Edge Life Expo,
one in which all of us play a role in healing our world. Can you elaborate on why
that’s the case rather than just the important leaders making the difference?
Lynn Young:
What I’ve come to understand is that, as a collective energy of people,
we impact the Earth, not only on a physical level by what we do to it (pollution,
for example), but we also have a power within us to affect it on a Spirit level with
our negative energy and negative thought patterns, the things we do to each other.

The global planet is Spirit, just as each of us are. Like the planet, we are all
a part of this collective energy and we are all birthed into this life. We are connected
to it and it is connected to us. It is time to start changing the way that each of
us, as an individual Spirit, affects the planet energetically.

Pick a word…perhaps the word "peace." What peace means to each person
can be individualized and different, but we generally have the same idea of peace.
When we think about it, we get a feeling around it. That is how a word becomes a
thought, and then the thought evokes a feeling in the heart. The moment we feel it
in the heart, it takes on new life, a new essence, and all of a sudden our emotions
engage. When people think something in their minds and dwell on it, the energy moves
into the heart. That’s our connection to God. God says, "Hmmm, I can hear them.
I know what they’re saying." And then as soon as we get emotional about it,
God says, "I must deliver it." All of a sudden, we have an impact on our
life and on our world. That’s why the topic is so vital. We need to recognize, not
only as an individual but as a collective conscious planet, that we are in it together
– and we are the only ones together who can change it.

Let’s talk about channeling in general for a little bit. From your perspective
as a channeler, how does the general public relate to channeling right now?
I think that people are somewhat receptive to it, but I think there’s a little
bit of apprehension around the uncertainty of the energy, the information, whether
it’s filtered, if it’s fact. One of the things that "G" has always said
is, "If information doesn’t feel right to you personally, then that’s not information
for you."

I really believe that God, the Light, Source, Universe is trying to get the message
to us any way that it possibly can, because we are so caught up in the effect of
the day-to-day living and we lose the message of God. So these messages are coming
through mediums, through channels, through psychics and through so many different
avenues in so many different ways. Spirit knows that we are so close to a breaking
point of mass consciousness and there’s an urgency that says, "Go forward and
get it any way you can." But you have to really listen to the heart. The heart
is the only true identifier of whether or not it feels right or not. You will know.
If it doesn’t resonate with you, it’s OK, because that means that this is not where
you’re going to get the information and that you should go and find it. There is
no right or wrong way to any journey. "G" said that if anybody gives you
an absolute, "that their way is the only way," you need to run, because
there is no one way. We are all unique and different.

What’s the greatest challenge for you, being a channeler?
Because I’m a full body channel, I’m not present in the energy of what’s
happening in the room. The greatest challenge is my experience of coming back into
body after being in such an incredibly loving energy and not feeling connected to
the people who were there present in the room. When you come back as a channel, you
feel very disconnected. I have been working on feeling the collective energy so that
when I come back, I’m not so far removed from it.

As a person who’s on the road teaching many people, I am so thankful for the people
who come and guide me and help me and are very present in the journey with me. I
met a 5-year-old girl, and you know how brutally honest children can be. She had
the opportunity to meet "G." When I was back in my body after the channeling,
this girl looked at me and said, "That was very nice!"
And I Laughed and said, "Well, I’m glad you liked it."

Her mother was sitting there, and she looked at me and said, "Do you think that
I can do this someday?"
I said, "Absolutely."

And she said, "OK, I’m going to."

This is just how powerful it is for everyone. When the kids are present, they know
the truth. They’re far more closely connected to it than adults are, I think.

Chances are that this encounter was probably something that she determined early
on that she experience as a soul to remember her path in life.
Absolutely. What I’m realizing is that we have no clue of how powerful we
are. We’re so caught up in our failures in life that when we have success, we minimize
it. If somebody says something nice to you, you immediately say, "Oh, stop it."
We immediately take away from what is success for ourselves.

The success of a person really comes down to how much we believe in ourselves, how
much self-worth we have. I’m a human being who is learning just like everybody else.
I may be a channel for "G" and he may bring some very amazing things forward,
but I’m having a human experience and I’m still falling down and picking myself up
and dusting myself off and going down the road and catching a cold.

I’ve asked, "Why is it that if I do this, I am susceptible to all these things?"

And "G" replied, "You’re still you in this road. You’re not ‘G.’ You’re
Lynn. This is your creation of words, thoughts and those karmic things that you’ve
done in the past that you correct. This is what will happen forever. But as you get
down the road, you will become more conscious and more aware of your unique soul
energy and how powerful it really is. You will not choose those paths of karma. You
will not choose those roads of illness and lack. You’ll start to choose the road
of prosperity and choose the road of health. You’ll start to choose the road of good
karma instead of negative karma."

And that’s the case for each one of us.
Absolutely. For every man, woman and child on this planet, that is a birthright
from the moment of our existence.

From the information you have received from "G," recommend a few things
we can do in our daily life that would help us become fully realized human beings.
One of the biggest things that "G" has given us is about how we
react when we make a mistake and think negative thoughts. Instead of beating yourself
up for making the wrong choice or making the wrong decision, go to that place that
says, "I made a mistake. I’m consciously aware of it. I’m turning it over to
the Universe and I am now rectifying it by being aware of it, so that the next time
the journey happens and I see it, I will know to avoid it." In time, you will
learn how to instantly recognize these things as patterns.

When I wake up in the morning, I always say, "G in motion" five times to
put the energy of good out into the world. I put the energy out there that says,
"For my highest good and with great ease." It’s like putting God in front
of you, putting good in front of you, putting the Universe in front of you, so that
when you’re out in the world, it will deflect the negative things that may come your

In my new book, Being, I offer a quote to say when you know that you’ve made a mistake:
"God, anything I may have said, spoken ill, thought, felt, emoted or did that’s
contrary to my highest good, anything suppressed, repressed, suspended that’s contrary
to my highest good, I release it all to you now for my highest good and with great
ease." I keep saying it. Because the Universe loves us and it loves us unconditionally,
it will grant us whatever we’re saying – good or bad.

We’re often unaware of what we’re doing to ourselves with our thoughts and words.
Absolutely. We are creatures of habit. It’s really easy to fall back into
that mundane life of repeating patterns. I call it the "Well Worn Path."
Remember when you were a kid and you’d walk between houses to your friend’s house,
along the path where there’s no grass growing? I remember my dad trying to plant
grass and it never would grow. Finally my mother said to him, "Stop, would you
please? It’s never going to. That is the road the kids take every day."

That’s the well worn path. That’s the road you take every day. We all get caught
in those patterns. When driving to work, when you find an unexpected detour, you
freak out because you don’t know where you’re going and you don’t know how long it’s
going to take. Instead, when you get the detour, take a look around and go, "Wow!
This is nice." It keeps you awake.

Why should someone come and hear this talk?
The greatest thing that people need to understand is that information is
out there. The next step is to make the decision to become aware of that information
by coming to places like Edge Life Expo and saying, "I’m ready to hear more."
We’ve got many great speakers at this Expo. How do you educate yourself? How do you
learn more? Attend talks and workshops that seem to resonate with you. If you can
learn one or two things that can transform some part of your life, it’s worth it.
When I was at the Expo last year, I went to see all of the speakers, because that’s
how I learn.

For more information on Lynn Young and Master Path, visit


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