New course: Echo Bodine, queen of the intuitives, recently released The
Key: Unlock Your Psychic Abilities
, a self-guided course with CD to help you tap into your psychic abilities. Like her DVD package, Beginning Psychic Development, Echo demonstrates her true nature as a teacher of the intuitive arts. This course includes detailed guidance, step-by-step exercises, a progress journal and CD of
meditations and visualization exercises. Echo demystifies what it means to be a psychic.
Find The Key online at or at

New green resource: The debut of Do It Green! Magazine, previously
titled the Twin Cities Green Guide, is an incredible resource for Green living
in the Twin Cities. Produced by an all-volunteer organization with a mission to promote
sustainable and healthy green living, Do It Green! is Minnesota’s only comprehensive
community guide in this genre. It includes more than 100 articles, resources and
tips written by Minnesotans, and the 2007 Minnesota Green Pages Directory. Introduced
by Arctic explorer Will Steger, the magazine explores the following cagetories of
living: food, goods and services, home, gardening, energy, transportation, recreation,
health, environment, community, business, citizen action and education. More than
500 copies of this magazine are being provided to schools, libraries and environmental
educators. It can be found for $7 at your local natural food store, co-op or local
bookstore. Visit, which
is an online database of more than 500 articles and resources.

New book: Joshua M. Greene’s Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical
Journey of George Harrison
is a must-read for all lovers of a creative soul who
contributed so much to the consciousness of the world. In this book, we follow George’s
life from pop star to spiritual seeker. We learn about his relationship with Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi and Swami Prabhupada, and we truly see his love for God.Find Here
Comes the Sun
at your favorite booksellers or at

New psychic study: A new guided meditation, Psychic Enhancement,
is narrated by internationally known psychic and author Tiffany Johnson of Readings
By Tiffany, based in Minneapolis. This meditation focuses on opening up your psychic
"receptors" through the process of visualization and relaxation. Supporting
people at all levels of psychic study, this CD is simple enough for the beginner,
but can also engage those deep into their studies.Psychic Enhancement can
be purchased at

New poetry: Michael Gumprich presents a new book of poetry, entitled Our
Journey Here
, that "captures our hopes, dreams and fears, speaking to our
souls as we chart our course through this lifetime," as the publisher writes
at The writer shares inspirational verses on love, family,
wisdom, grief, leadership, honor, children, values, forgiveness, work and self-worth.
From the first poem, "Flames of Love," Gumprich writes:"We hold inside
a spark of light / That kindles the fire within / When we bring love to this place
/ Our journey can begin…No soul is too young or old / To stir the ashes at our
core / And pause to give fresh breath to fan / The flames of love once more."Our
Journey Here
is $16.95 and available at

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