It is great to be back with all the Edge Life readers. There are many changes
in our universe and more to come. In our January issue, local intuitives shared their
thoughts of what 2007 will bring. This is the direction we are headed. My thoughts
and intuition gave me the following: manifestation of our intentions and thoughts,
and seeing them realized instantaneously; exit from Iraq; change in the position
that the U.S. holds in the world hierarchy.

The captains in politics and business will realize that making decisions by utilizing
their intuition will produce a more balanced and peaceful environment. Most people
will realize that their intuitive skills, their inner knowing, can make life much
easier. More and more people will understand this aspect of their being – call it
the hundreth monkey theory – and we all will have a greater awareness of this in

Following Edge Life Expo, my wife Insiah and I were off for 28 days of adventure
in India and Thailand. Believe me, it was quite an adventure – 11 cities in India
in just under three weeks, including: Sai Baba in Puttaparthi; Taj Mahal in Agra;
Gandhi’s Memorial in Delhi and Jaipura, a city of many fascinations.

Tiffany Johnson wrote in the January issue about an energy shift over India. I read
her article upon my return. Without a question, there is a demanding energy in the
land. India, a third-world nation to the core, is attempting to raise itself out
of poverty. There are the very rich and the very poor (see the accompanying article
by Insiah). It is a journey I would recommend "only" when you know "know"
it is time to go.

We had planned a week of decompression in Thailand. That was intuition working overtime.
On to Thailand and Chiang Mai. We arrived at a spa called Karuna Center – an oasis
located in the middle of rice fields featuring unbelievable healing modalities. The
staff teaches deep meditation techniques that are easy to learn. When we arrived,
six ladies from Minnesota were in residence: Ann Westhall, Naomi Estes-Tullo, Sally
Kerwin, Carol Kaufman, Elene Loecher and Mary Wright. These lovely ladies brought
us into their meditation studies without missing a beat. They helped us regain our
emotional and physical wellness, along with the great Thai Massage therapies that
were available at the Karuna Center.

The art of meditation they teach is called Karuna, a gateway to fulfillment. Jean
Wallis, a healer in South Minneapolis, has been teaching and initiating this method
for a number of years. It is worth taking a close look at. I walked out of the Karuna
Center changed for the better. It was a visit I will never forget.

The Edge Life group has many events and expos planned for 2007, beginning with the
debut of the Twin Cities Psychic Symposium on March 24 at the Earle Brown Center
in Brooklyn Center. We will offer more than six hours of psychic Q&A with presenters
Echo Bodine, Kathryn Harwig and Michael Thompson Isaac – and a psychic fair with
10 intuitive readers, a dozen exhibitors and a bookstore managed by Borders. The
event will be open for 11 hours.

We will be presenting the Fargo Holistic Expo on May 5-6 at the Fargo Civic Center.
Look for our ad and more information to come on that event. We hope you can join
us there! We hope to present a healing symposium this summer and an international
speaker in October – not to mention our big Edge Life Expo on November 9-11. This
spring, we also will debut our redesigned magazine that will knock your chakras about
– with an expansive advertising campaign to promote the new Edge Life magazine.
This is The Edge Year of New and Completion. We are excited!

For more information on the Karuna Center, visit or call Jean
Wallis at (612) 874-1453. If anyone has interest in going to Thailand and Karuna
Spa, Gary Beckman and his wife Insiah may lead a group of 8-10 to the area for 10
days in November 2007. Call Gary for more details.


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