57 Ascension Symptoms

Last month, I explained how the process of preparing our bodies to house higher vibrations are causing our bodies to change. That’s where the "symptoms" come in.

I have accumulated these 57 symptoms over the past five years, but the list continues to grow as we experience new symptoms. As always, I encourage people to get checked out if they are especially concerned about something.

Some of the questions you can first ask yourself are "Do I have a history of this particular symptom? Is anyone else experiencing this right now? Does the symptom stay, or does it come and go? Am I living a healthy lifestyle?" Depending on how you answer, you may feel comforted in knowing that if you have no history of illness, others are feeling what you’re feeling, the symptoms come and go, and you’re healthy, that this is all part of the current process of physical transformation.

Why the symptoms? Imagine that you’re totally overhauling your house. The walls need to come down, the roof needs to come off, the carpet needs to get ripped up. Don’t you think you’d feel some of that disruption in your life? Of course you would. It’s the same thing with your body. In order to prepare your body for higher energy frequencies, we need to get "overhauled." All of our "systems" are affected (circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc.), and it’s all new, so unfortunately we don’t have anything to compare it to. But seeing some of the symptoms in print, and knowing that you’re not alone, can go a great way toward you feeling more empowered to work with this amazing process.

57 Ascension Symptoms

1. Headache in band around head
2. Heat felt on top of head
3. Bumps all over head
4. Bumps behind your ears (on one side or both)
5. TMJ symptoms (ringing in ears, sore jaws, hurting teeth, trouble chewing)
6. Fullness in ears (like high altitude on a plane or water in your ears)
7. Sore neck (in the C2-C3 area)
8. Sore shoulders across back
9. Sore muscles leading up into neck
10. Painful behind left shoulder blade
11. Sore on left side to side of breast
12. Sore on both armpits
13. Sternum pressure (like someone’s pushing down on it)
14. Joint pain
15. Wrist soreness
16. Wrists get hot, then veins on top and bottom of hand stick out, along with on top of feet
17. Hips sore and feel uneven
18. Sore knees
19. Cracking ankles
20. Sore on tops of feet
21. Sore on balls of feet, like there’s a bump there
22. Throat closing up
23. Needing to clear your throat continuously
24. Blurry vision
25. Dizziness
26. Anxiety
27. Insomnia (trouble getting to sleep, trouble staying asleep, waking several times)
28. Vivid dreams
29. Increased intuition
30. Increased synchronicities
31. Increased feelings of bliss and unity
32. Traveling electrical tingling
33. Swollen face
34. Swollen hands
35. Swollen feet
36. Cold hands
37. Cold feet
38. Cold hands and feet at the same time, or alternating between any of the four
39. Nausea
40. Constipation
41. Diarrhea
42. Lower back pain
43. Kidneys aching
44. Liver hurts
45. Body stiff all over
46. Foggy thinking
47. Chills
48. Hot flashes (an energy symptom unless you’re also menopausal)
49. Loss of appetite
50. Increased appetite
51. Prescription meds stop working or even make you feel ill
52. Food sensitivities and allergies develop
53. Restlessness, agitation, unexplained anger
54. Fatigue
55. Heart palpitations/irregular/racing (check hormone levels if concerned, or visit a cardiologist)
56. Hard to breathe-lungs feel "hot"
57. Seeing things moving out of the corner of your eye (and there’s nothing there)

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  1. kitsy says

    I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the red “sores” were under my armpits until I was led to this list! I had changed soaps, stopped using deodorants, including my so-called safe crystal one…had applied coconut oil, castor oil, and homeopathic remedies. Sigh of relief if this really IS the answer. Was also starting to go nuts wondering what foods I was suddenly allergic to. Maybe now I can stop worrying? :-)

  2. Cody says

    This has just changed my life! Since I was a child I have felt literally EVERY symptom listed above, I have always known that I was different from the other kids. I never fit in with anybody my own age, I was bullied for being sensitive, and strived but failed to fit in with anyone. Since I have began meditating daily, eating healthy, doterra oils, and starting each day like I have never lived… Some intensely amazing things have happened. I am literally gaining self love and soul with each passing day. Thank you, for you have changed a life.

  3. Christina says

    I can see Rainbows in the sky and I now see Auras. I can read and understand others without even trying. I have become ultra sensitive. Soreness in my neck and feelings of extreme warmth at times. It is hard to focus on the physical world when I can see so many new sights. It is impossible to get mad or frestrated. I feel so mellow, like a different person all together. I tend to spend more time alone and dont feel comfortable engaging in very much human interaction at work. I almost feel out of place. I can’t be around negative people, it is too intense. I didnt use to be this way as an adult. I feel like I am a child of purity and love. I have new psycic abilities and can communicate with the angelic relm. I have found my life’s mission. My heart beats very strongly at times. I feel alone sometimes, because there are not very many people who understand me or the experiences that I am experiencing.