In the quiet moments of meditation we find the spacious peace of love. Guided meditation helps remove the chatter of distraction and frees the communication between spirit and mind. It has been my experience that doing meditation for people can bring a calming, healing, restful peace from many struggles. It can be used while falling asleep or to relieve an aching body. With attention to the breath we enter a more restful state of being. For those who have struggled with silent meditation, guided meditation assists the transition. Namaste: The Holy in me honors the Holy in you.

Mary Zillmann, an ordained non-denominational spiritual guide, has a private practice leading retreats for small groups and meeting with people one on one. She recently has released a guided meditation CD, Live Deep in Your Currents. She can be reached at or call 612.910.2326. Copyright © 2008 Mary Zillmann. All Rights Reserved.


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