My 14-year-old son has been flying for quite a while now. Yes, he does enjoy flying on airplanes, however the flights that Tristan experiences are truly magical and out of this world.

He began his travels before he was born and remembers flying with his light friends through the sparkling stars. They visited many different galaxies and flew with other loving Beings of Light. Even during my pregnancy, Tristan remembers periodically leaving his new form and returning to the stars. During these last-minute flights, he had many conversations with God. These discussions centered around his reluctance to return to Earth, for Tristan remembered many past lives that were full of fear, loss and abandonment. He asked to stay with his friends in the stars who were always full of love and acceptance.

wed this!God told Tristan that it was very important for him to begin his new life on Earth, because so many people on Earth had forgotten how to love and that he must return to teach people to love again. God reassured my son that he would never be alone, for God would always be with him and that every living thing has this love and light within.

It was also explained to Tristan that he would remember everything that he has learned in order to share this information with the people on Earth. This includes healing and telepathic communication. Tristan was also pleased to learn that he would also continue his flying with the Beings of Light in our galaxy and other dimensions.

I am pleased to say that Tristan is continuing his flights with many Beings of Light, returning with much needed information for the evolution of each one of us and for the healing of the Earth. He continues to share these wondrous adventures with my husband and I with the same openness and honesty that he did when he was a small child. Tristan is bringing us back to our life’s journey, our purpose. By helping Tristan on his journey in this life spreading love and light, we feel ourselves ever expanding on our journey.

One of the most important messages my husband and I have received during this adventure with our son is the importance of listening to these precious ones with open hearts. With this openness and acceptance, they will always feel comfortable in sharing their experiences and the purpose for which they have come. By honoring us with this information, they are entrusting us, as parents, to assist them in achieving their purpose for coming here at this most important time. In turn, their stories will help us remember why we are here and awaken us to our purpose that we held so tenderly in our hearts as young children. For it is the purpose of all of us and all of humanity to awaken.

Janiece Boardway
Janiece L. Boardway, M.A., received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage, Family & Child Counseling. After the birth of her son, she has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Janiece, along with her husband Michael and son Tristan, are the authors of the book, Our Family’s Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents. Janiece and her son have also co-authored an e-book, The Light We Share, describing Tristan’s experiences before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. Janiece has published several articles in psychological journals, spiritual and parenting magazines. She has also been interviewed for articles written in the Los Angeles Times and Saddleback News. Please visit the Boardway Family at


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