One of the most important skills all intuitives should master is that of asking a good question. Many people are incredibly sloppy when they ask intuitive questions. When I do readings for people, I am always asked questions such as “Will I ever be happy?” or even “Am I going to die?” The answers to these questions, of course, is “yes” — even the most depressed among us experiences moments of happiness and, of course, we will all ultimately die. But, those answers are not what the person truly wants to know. The true desire behind the question is, perhaps, something like “What can I do to improve my enjoyment of life right now?” or, “Do I currently have any health issues that could cause serious illness?”

Phrasing a proper question can take 10 or more minutes, even when you think that you know very well what your question is all about. A good intuitive question is phrased specifically. ”Will I marry Bill this year?” is a better question than “Will I ever get married?” The best questions are phrased in present time terms. “What practices should I do now to improve my psychic ability?” is better than “Will I ever become a psychic?” And, the ideal questions, in my opinion, are those that ask for advice, rather than for prediction. “How can I improve my marriage?” is a question that will get you a better answer than “Will I get divorced?”

We are living in a time of uncertainty. Gas prices are skyrocketing, home prices are plummeting, and jobs are disappearing. Those things are not likely to change anytime soon. But, as intuitives, we have an advantage. We have a means of getting practical, down to earth, useable advice that can aid us in these times.

It is really tempting to sit around asking “why?” It reminds me a little of an old Bob Dylan tune that said, “There ain’t no need to sit and wonder why babe, it don’t matter anymore.”

Bob was right. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is how. How can we thrive in uncertain times? How can we feel better in our bodies? How can we improve our relationships?

It is frightening sometimes to have to ask a specific “how” question to your intuition. Crafting a good question feels a little like exposing ourselves. When we REALLY ask how to change something, we are already on the way to changing it. We have acknowledged that the issue exists and we have accepted the fact that we are the only ones who can change our lives.

Asking “why” questions keeps you stuck. Asking “how” questions frees you. Try this with any issue you might feel stuck on. Notice your thoughts and make note of how often you ask “why.” Then, change your thoughts. Ask yourself instead, “How can I change (improve, etc.) this situation?” I am certain you will feel a sense of relief. Perhaps your intuition will not immediately give you an answer (although I suspect that it will give you something), but the very act of crafting a good question will make you feel more powerful and in control of the situation.

Of course, there are lots of situations in which we are not in total control. We can, after all, only change ourselves. In even the most powerless of situations, though, there is a way to change or improve it. Asking yourself “how” is the first step.


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