"These times there a-changin’." One of our fellow visionaries, Bob Dylan, wrote this song a few years ago. As most of you know, he grew up in the heart of the Iron Range, a hard, working-class area, where the common man had the privilege to work hard and prosper. Many thought that these types – Dylan, Will Rogers, even Garrison Keillor today – would create chaos with their liberal views. But liberalism, per se, is not the cause of disorder. One only has to look at the chaos that has been created by leaders from all persuasions…in politics, religion and big business.

You may ask, "What does this have to do with Holistic Living and the Edge Life Family?" We remind everyone that creating disorder and chaos is one option. Another is the choice to go within and know that when you make a decision, it is from your inner knowing or from the truth of your soul. It is a matter of listening to your inner guidance.

Many people today seem to believe that the present political system is not serving all the people. They desire change. The establishment will change drastically. Our economic system is failing because of greed and dishonesty. It will naturally change by default. Or, if we are wise, we can participate in consciously creating this change by collaborating with each other and with institutions and world leaders.

The days of skepticism are over. There is no left or right, right or wrong. It is a matter of listening to your inner self or soul. We are very grateful for the peace we have here at home – always within us if we choose to go there.

I founded Edge Life Magazine, Expos and Events to give opportunities to thousands of people to explore the many options available for self-growth, personal enrichment and fulfillment and to find their soul’s purpose – to reach their highest potential as human beings to become better citizens of our beautiful planet. Edge Life Magazine always has sought to inform you about various modalities: meditation, Yoga, numerology, astrology, metaphysics, alternative healing, self-help, spirituality, and many other options to assist you on your path of survival and enrichment.

Enrichment is the cornerstone of the 2008 Edge Life Expo as we present such speakers such as Dr. Norman Shealy, a neurosurgeon and pioneer of alternative healing; Kathryn Harwig, a spiritual guide who is preparing us for 2009 and beyond; Isha, who is showing us the way to peace; George Catlin, giving us a vision of that collaborative change we are seeking; and many other speakers who feed our soul.

And we will receive enrichment from Lisa Williams – appearing October 10 – who offers guidance and support from the other side.

It is our time to be heard. And it is our time to grow into our roles as change agents…to make the future a time of true change, enrichment and, above all, self-knowing. Do the stuff your soul harmonizes with.


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