In a nutshell, I believe "Food For Ascension" to be a creative, God-inspired diet that is centered on whole foods. As each soul is truly unique, so must each person’s diet be tailored to address their specific needs on various levels.

The concept of Food For Ascension is eating in harmony with nature, for the building of a strong body and balanced emotions and to support living a spiritual life in service to others. Food For Ascension takes into consideration the unique soul, soul origin and destiny, and interuniversal nutrition, as well as present life’s circumstances (i.e. age, gender, vocation, and geographic location, just to name a few).

As a student of Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation – also known as The Cosmic Family volumes by Gabriel of Urantia, available from Global Community Communications Publishing in Tubac, Ariz. – I am learning that all life, including the foods we eat, reflects higher energies and connects to unseen but ever-present circuitry, which is either in or out of divine pattern. Once we gain more insight of the more cosmic and spiritual aspects of food on a personal level, we discover those foods that can be preventative, balancing, soul-satisfying and even correctional (both physically and psychospiritually) for us as an individual soul.

I believe there is no one food philosophy to fit everyone’s needs, as we are all so different with many variables, especially as we change and grow. Being vegetarian, vegan or fruitarian may be perfect for one person and not for another. For some people, a specific approach may work for a while, and then as we change physically and/or spiritually, what our bodies need changes, too. The principles of Food For Ascension are universal and not limited to any one food genre. It takes discipline and commitment along with an open-mindedness to alternatives and changing what may be familiar and comfortable.

On a more personal note, food has been a big part of my world, beginning with a hearty appetite and an adventurous pursuit to sample, enjoy and learn how to prepare a wide spectrum of this planet’s cuisines. During the last 15 years, I have been involved in the food ministry for a spiritual intentional community of more than 100 men, women and children. This has provided me with the experiences of food acquisition and distribution to our community homes, menu planning, cooking for events large and small, and learning how to provide for individual special needs.

As a community we believe in unity without uniformity, so this has been a wonderful challenge working together, letting go of the petrochemical food culture, weaning ourselves from personal bad food habits, and moving into a collective experience – together nurturing the very soil we grow our food in as well as one another – into a blossoming healthy and holistic lifestyle based on spiritual principles.

Avalon Organic Gardens, Farm and Ranch (in Tumacacori, Ariz.) is at the heart of this lifestyle. Originally based in Sedona in 1994, these incredible gardens have supported more than 100 people with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat and dairy products. We now have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program near Tubac, Ariz., branching out to provide organic produce to our neighbors. We believe that tending the earth brings inner healing to an individual by relating to the Universal Mother Spirit, whose presence is felt within all of nature. The soil for growth is rich; the harvest is indeed ripe.

Food is so much a part of our world’s cultures; the daily communion we share when eating and cooking for ourselves and those we love is integral to all peoples. Food is often at the center of all that we celebrate. Based on this, we can be apt to make food choices triggered by a number of factors.

Besides the nourishing aspects of foods, we are also moved by the creative and nostalgic influences food can have over us:

• Aromas can trigger a strong memory from childhood’s comfort foods.

• New tastes and textures liven in us the stirrings of new lands and the adventures of tomorrow.

• Some are reminded of connections with past realities, not just on this world but perhaps others.

Suffice it to say, the tradition of coming together around the table with loved ones is important. In our fast-paced Western society, this has been lost in many ways. I think it is something we all crave, and something we need to return to. In many ways food provides us with great metaphors for living.

I really think that the key ingredients for eating holistically are built upon a foundation of coming into divine pattern in all areas of our lives – our thoughts, our actions, our choices and our relationships. This starts by building a healthy communion with the living spiritual forces in and around us, extending to our family, and then naturally expanding outward to the garden that surrounds us, our Mother Earth.

When we begin viewing eating as founded within the concept of "food for ascension," we discover our choices and our world become better and better for the common good of all!

Originally from Australia, Ausmaminae Wonson has been a resident of the United States for the last 15 years. Her passion for working with food has fueled a harvest of knowledge and experience. Working within the food ministry at Global Community Communications Alliance during the last 15 years has afforded her the blessing of coordinating the food acquisition, distribution, menu planning, event catering, and cooking on a daily basis for more than 100 people from all over the world. Email or call 928.204.1206.Copyright © 2008 Ausmaminae Wonson. All Rights Reserved.


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