taurusTaurus, April 22 – May 21, is known as a fixed earth sign. Fixed signs like stability, predictability and sometimes can have an aversion to change. Earth signs are grounded in the practical and real world aspects of everyday life. This means that Taurus people are very good at finding jobs, relationships and even possessions that last and last.

Taurus people know what they like, what makes them feel comfortable and stable, so they work hard to create a life that fulfills these needs. Sometimes, these are the people that find themselves so comfortable and stable by midlife that they feel trapped. They are bored, life seems stale and they see no other options other than keeping things the same.

One of the lessons of Taurus is learning to adapt to change. I’ve known a few Taurians that eat the same breakfast and lunch every day of their lives, wear the same clothes, buying for comfort and endurance, eat at the same three restaurants, and order the same dish or two from the menu each time. This is extreme, but is a true manifestation of the sign.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the lover of beauty, comfort and interpersonal harmony. Collections of any kind, a love of art, home furnishings and gardening are often enjoyed by people of this sun sign. Taurus rules the throat and often a beautiful singing voice and a love of music goes along with this sign, as well. A Taurus once told me that she never planned on buying the most expensive thing in the store whether it was furniture or electronics, but it was the only thing she really liked. Once she decided she liked it she would look at the price tag and be astonished at her ability to find the highest-priced item.

Taurus is associated with the Bull. The Bull is slow to anger, but fearsome once enraged. An adult student once told me about his two sons. The elder was a Leo and would beat up on his little brother, the Taurus, playing endless big brother tricks. This went on for a couple of years without a peep from the Taurus. The dad worried about his younger son not standing up for himself. In true Taurus fashion the younger son hit his limit one day, and “out of the blue” got mad as a bull. They had a big fight and he put enough fear into his older brother to completely change their relationship.

Taurus people are true and loyal friends, hard workers, consistently predictable and get things done. Once they learn to embrace change and flexibility, life is good.

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