New Audiobook ‘Unity’ explores Consciousness and Connection

Nation Earth, a production company dedicated to socially urgent issues, just released the unabridged audiobook Unity, a precursor to the upcoming documentary film Unity by Shaun Monson, writer/director of the award-winning film Earthlings, narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Unity continues a theme established in Earthlings of the interrelation of animals, nature and humankind, but expands on this message by challenging its audience to understand that we are not separate but connected entities. In fact, Monson explains in Unity that seeing duality and opposites in the world – man and woman, man and nature, god and man, flesh and spirit, good and evil – creates needless suffering in ourselves and in others.

Unity presents an understanding of the world that does not rely on opposites – us and them, war and peace, rich and poor, this and that, is and isn’t, etc.,” said Monson. “It’s challenging for human beings to begin to see unity when we’ve all been trained quite differently, but there are encouraging signs indicating we’re ready to explore a new way of perceiving one another.”

The Unity audiobook is the only format to offer the entire unabridged manuscript of the upcoming documentary film, Unity, currently in production and scheduled for release in 2010. Both the film and the audiobook explore four distinct themes: body, mind, heart and soul, and emphasize the nature of the human ego, which creates these concepts of opposites as it seeks to distinguish itself from others. As an unabridged version of the Unity script, the audiobook, at approximately 300 minutes long, provides an opportunity to connect more deeply to the text before it is edited into a traditional theatrical format and length.

Fans of Earthlings will appreciate that while Earthlings illustrates how human beings treat non-human animals, Unity shows how such treatment mirrors the way we treat each other.

Unity is available at as an immediate download for $40, or a five-CD boxed set for $50.

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