Aries: This month lends itself to travel, classes, learning of all kinds and reevaluation of what matters in life. Take time to think about the future and reevaluate your hopes and dreams.

Taurus: Career achievements come to possible fruition this month. You will finally be rewarded for your long hours and hard work. Buy something really beautiful to reward yourself. You’ve earned it.

Gemini: What a great time to be social. Your friends are seeking you out, and having people in your home feels great. The time is right for meeting new people or joining groups, as well.

Cancer: Quiet introspection is important for you right now. There is a great deal of self-understanding to be found during quiet times at home or digging in the garden. Take some extra time for yourself.

Leo: Plan something really fun for yourself and your nearest and dearest. It’s definitely time to celebrate life, family, and summer. Other people around you may be in crises, but it slides off your back right now.

Virgo: Personal finances are taking lots of time and energy right now. Once this month is over, any problems will be resolved. Plan to be more conservative with money from now forward.

Libra: It’s time to call your brothers and sisters and renew old bonds. Your friends and neighbors, as well as your family are what matters these days. They have a lot more to offer than you might think.

Scorpio: If you’ve been thinking about home improvements, no matter how small, now is a good time to get started. Any transactions having to do with property are also looking favorable.

Sagittarius: Romance is in the air for you single folks. For those of you in relationships your creativity is running high as well as your need to enjoy nature, sports, and short trips.

Capricorn: Work is full of demands and last minute details. Your hard work now will bring time for more pleasure next month. Any small health irritations will pass in the next couple weeks.

Aquarius: Your most intimate relationship needs your time and attention. Plan something special for the two of you; you will be glad you did. Groups and friends will continue to be supportive.

Pisces: Hold off on decisions involving business ventures or joint finances. Next month will bring more clarity about almost everything.

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