Scorpio: The Snake, The Scorpion and The Eagle

Scorpio continues to be one of the most misunderstood signs of the Zodiac, partly because of its affiliation with three animals, rather than one symbol. In the earlier signs we’ve looked at the Lion for Leo and the Crab for Cancer. Each symbol had certain qualities that could be applied to all people born under that sign. Scorpio is far more complex, mysterious and difficult to understand. Let’s look at why.

From October 22 to November 21, we are leaving the time of fall harvest and heading into a time of death and darkness. Leaves are falling, plants dying, and daylight is getting shorter. The first holiday we celebrate under Scorpio is Halloween, known in other cultures as the Day of the Dead.

How can we understand people born under this sign? We think of them as three different types of personalities all taking turns inside one individual. The Snake here alludes to the Bible and the temptation away from the simple life in the Garden of Eden. The snake wants knowledge no matter the cost to Adam and Eve; they eat from the tree of knowledge and are cast out of a life of ease and innocence. Scorpios are not innocent.

moonrabbit2The scorpion is a dangerous, sometimes deadly creature. It’s nocturnal and lives under piles of grasses, rubbish or sand. The fact that it stays hidden makes it even more dangerous. You never know when you might get stung. Astrological Scorpios are a fixed water sign. That means they have very intense emotions that are set in fixed patterns but are not always conscious. Scorpio’s intense emotions tend to run deep and stew inside where no one can see them. With enough time and the right situation, their feelings will erupt, and no one likes being stung. There is a tendency to see life in black or white, all or nothing terms. It is of utmost importance that Scorpios come to understand their innermost workings and understanding life’s grey areas.

The eagle is a universal symbol for freedom. The bird has incredible eyesight and is able to soar at great heights. So, too, the Scorpio has the capacity to rise above things, using insight and moonrabbit3perception to understand themselves and others. Scorpios can be great forces for change in the world, rooting out what is toxic and finding ways to heal what is broken. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, gatekeeper to the Underworld. The evolved Scorpio has faced the darkness within, fears nothing, and works fearlessly to bring change and wholeness into the world.

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