The Right Light

I woke up before 3 this morning, headed down to the kitchen and could see through the bay window the dusting of snow on the tree. Just part of the tree was illuminated by an outdoor light off the deck, but enough so that the tree had that Japanese painting quality to it, a black/white/gray/less-is-more paint brush stroke. Little dabs of snow clung in just a few spots on the trunk bark, and a thin line of snow lay across the narrowest of branches.

Seeing, really seeing in that delicate lighting, made me feel beauty, instead of my usual repelling OY emotion snow/cold because g-d knows I long for Hawaii’s beach sand. And the feeling of that beauty led to the immediate pronouncement, “There is beauty in everything in the right light.” Which of course led me to a string of pearls of thought of how that insight applies to everyone’s life challenges, and to all of the people I work with as I try to help expand their perception of truth, love, beauty and wisdom so they can experience and share peace.

Today, as you go about the duty of tasks, may you too see and feel that there is beauty in everything in the right light, so you can feel your strength, courage and center point of balance. For with all those, you will feel the dignity and grace that underpins your efforts to live the better way.

Giselle M. Massi
about Giselle M. Massi

Giselle M. Massi is a former journalist with The Denver Post and author of "We are Here for a Purpose: How to Find Yours" and the novel "Just Dance the Steps." Contact Giselle at her website.

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