There are many differences between us as human beings. We look different from each other. We think differently. We believe differently. We speak differently. We certainly do things differently. It’s easy to see the differences between us, because they are noisier. The differences tend to bully their way to the forefront. They get the headlines and the top billing on network broadcasts. Differences are the reason we wage war and kill each other.

Differences also are a habit. Over time, culturally we are taught to accept differences, to ridicule differences and even to protest and fight against differences. Our belief in the validity of differences is part of our DNA. Many of us accept differences as the way things are. Can’t change it, so you might as well accept it.

The only thing is, change is in the air.

With wars being fought, with racism continuing to rear its ugly head, with politics again reclaiming its title as the top blood sport (sans wagering), it would be easy to think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Just turn on the TV. Just look at the fear in people’s eyes as they push their shopping carts down the grocery aisle. For goodness sake, just look at the economy! But I am convinced that the tide will turn and peace will prevail.

The energies at play, the ones that decide whether we arrive in one piece, seem to be outside of ourselves — globally with climate change, deadly earthquakes and hurricanes, and economic meltdown. But I sense that the energies that are at play are rearranging themselves way down deep in the cells of each of our bodies. It’s a microscopic transformation reflected in the outer world.

I can feel change within my bones, and I bet that you can feel it, too.

I follow the signs as they come to me in my personal life. Like the email that came to me last week from the Maitreya people, the folks at Share International who for decades have been predicting the return of the highest spiritual master — yes, he’s a mentor to Jesus, even — in human body.

As you might have already read on our Now (news) page, Maitreya’s principal spokesman Benjamin Creme has announced that the long-awaited return of the “World Teacher” is imminent. Not only has he created a human body through which he now operates in this third dimension, but Jesus and more than two dozen other spiritual masters also are in body, prepared to step in and lead humanity. Maitreya, in a body but not calling himself Maitreya, reportedly has already convened a global leadership conference on economics and has conducted an interview on American television.

Creme and other followers of the Maitreya information say the presence of Maitreya in body, now, does not signal the end of the world as we know it, but “the beginning of a new time for humanity.” They say human freewill will continue to reign, but they plan to provide some spiritual leadership — not global control and dominance — to inspire us to share our wealth, treat every human being with respect, and work together to find new ways to co-exist peacefully.

My reaction is twofold. First, I see this is a sign that humanity may have stepped to the edge of no return. It is no coincidence that this big announcement about Maitreya’s imminent public presence came shortly after the failed talks in Copenhagen over climate change. The inability of world leaders to cooperate and work together for the safety — and survival — of the planet was certainly a siren that not all is well on planet Earth. Did you happen to see the most recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine? The issue introduces us to 17 “polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb global warming.” While I have no personal knowledge whether Maitreya is or is not among us now to help us, it seems likely that if spiritual leaders would choose to intervene, to give humanity a ray of hope and renewed inspiration to cooperate, now is as good a time as any.

My second reaction to the Maitreya information is that it gives me personal hope. I will confess to you now that, despite outward appearances, deep down I have not always been as optimistic as you might think. At times, my will to live has teetered. I have stumbled emotionally and have wondered aloud, and inwardly, why living is so difficult. And yet, I persevere. I have had spiritual experiences that remain with me constantly, reminding me that what we call life is a temporary reality, that we all are actors playing our roles, and that each of us has incredible powers to create what we need to not only succeed, but thrive.

Many prophets herald 2012 as the beginning of a new era for humanity, and I am convinced that love will become the greatest viral movement the planet has ever witnessed. I believe a tidal wave of love will engulf the planet — and each of us will rescue ourselves.

There will be those who resist. There always are. They won’t accept those who are different. They call Maitreya the Antichrist. They resist efforts to cooperate globally. And some, who believe in the End Times predictions of a final war between good and evil, will lay down their lives believing that they are fighting the good fight.

But the true fight is being waged now within the souls of each of us. We are being called to be authentic human beings. We are being asked to reflect who we truly are in our everyday lives. To that end, I salute you.


  1. Hello Tim

    Ah yes, I have another perspective!

    The energy that is so dynamic and cannot be held back and will not be denied and been ignored for everything and everyone else who might be more, as they proclaim or another proclaims for them is:


    Your statement:
    At times, my will to live has teetered. I have stumbled emotionally and have wondered aloud, and inwardly, why living is so difficult.

    That is not about “Love” or the lack of “Love” that is about “SELF”!!

    Do you go on for Love?
    Do you go on for You?
    Does love hold the desire….No Self Does!!
    Love is just an energy of the experience that is the most open connection we can experience with another.
    But until the energy of “SELF” is truly open, love is just a word!

    This goofy affinity for the idea “Love” is the strongest energy there is!
    I commented on the article “Love will have it’s way!” with the same information!

    Love is an energy that is an “Umbrella” word!
    To each person it is different and how they experience it or embrace it is different.

    SELF is the energy of I AM!
    It begins with SELF, it is chosen for SELF, SELF initiates it and SELF ends it.

    What do you struggle to know and understand and has more interest for you than anything or anyone else?
    Your SELF!

    If that is not so, then we are from two totally different universes!!!
    If “LOVE” was the energy that was stronger than any other energy, You would be “conscious” conscious of it in every present moment of now.

    But even when you are not focusing on it, what is consciously always present in every present moment of now?

    “SELF” is the energy that binds us, “SELF” is the energy that encourages us, “SELF” is the energy that intrigues us, “SELF” is the energy that cannot be separate, even through the illusion that it is!

    I have stated this so many times to so many people and I am just not sure exactly why it is such a difficult conceptual understanding to grasp.

    SELF created it for SELF to experience an energy connection. But LOVE has become more important and supposed the most the energy that will save us all. SELF has never been lost, the illusion was perpetrated, because other SELVES has a desire to be lifted up, because they lacked a value of SELF.

    It is all just ALL ABOUT SELF!!

    It is that easy!!
    IN Friendship!

  2. Thank you, Rick. Your perspective on Self is absolutely correct. It takes a Self to recognize Love. It takes a Self to identify that Love exists. Clearly assumptions are made that Love is creating change, but actually it is Self coming to awareness of the presence of Love that makes all the difference. Thanks for your constant repetition of the Truth, because it allows the Truth to eventually penetrate those of us who are moving from unconsciousness to conscious awareness, waking up from the deep sleep to not only recognize the gift of Presence, but reflect those gifts in our lives.


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