I recently watched a recording of 60 minutes, the CBS news program, digitally preserved for my convenience by Tivo. What caught my attention during viewing was not the content of the two stories, but my reaction to them. The topics could not have been more different, yet in both cases my eyes teared, my body relaxed and my heart experienced gratitude.

One story focused on certain discussions of the current financial collapse, and the other was about a musical savant. Both segments presented interviews with people who left me feeling moved. The commonality was the clarity and authenticity felt when in the presence of a defining moment, when the energy felt matches the words spoken. There is recognition beyond the mind when someone speaks what your body knows to be real.

We witness daily the lack of simplicity and clarity in the words of politics, business and almost any public discourse. Long-winded and excessive explanations only seem to obfuscate and misdirect, and meaningful discussion too often gives way to positioning and establishment of authority. Almost none of it feels real because the speakers are more interested in manipulating perceptions than expressing from their essence. I now find it curious to watch as entire systems in our culture struggle to function as they once did, including those connected with any kind of spirituality.

Many of us left traditional religions because we felt no resonance with what was being spoken. We became “seekers,” searching for something with a whiff of real. Yet despite all possible options, we still found ourselves within the larger framework of Duality, with choices and interpretations influenced by that matrix. This peculiar structure of consciousness generates a perception that there is something outside of ourselves that we must find, accept or believe in. We are in denial of our own natures and literally become split personalities attempting to discover what is already present but partitioned off from our awareness.

Some would say that this dualistic nature is an inherent quality of creation. You might also hear that our journey is to move beyond the density of the physical. On both points I disagree.

It is my view that the matrix of Duality is dissolving, and everything bound by that old structure is being released. Included in this dissolution are experiences of separateness and the need for beliefs. I also see a new matrix growing that is inclusive of both the physical and spiritual in a fused experience of greater embodiment. In other words, we’re not trying to get out of our bodies, we’re trying to get into them more deeply. Our bodies are changing in the process, both releasing distortions born of Duality and evolving at the cellular and DNA levels to better accommodate the greater infusion of light that deeper embodiment implies.

Most of us in this community of transformers sense the potential for significant change this year, with shoots starting to break through as early as this month. The change is not something only outside ourselves, for we are the primary vehicles of the transformation as we change from within.

Our initial task may have been healing, but soon we will step into another role intimately entwined with creation. Spiritual seeking will become non-existent as the separations dissolve and dogma loses its grip. What is real will be revealed, in schools of spirituality as well as in all other facets of our experience. Don’t expect that only the dominant religions will be challenged. Any teacher or teaching that binds those who participate may find consequence in creating attachment.

I would ask if you feel freer and less bound while following some list of rules for spiritual practice? Do you find yourself eating, dressing or acting a certain way because of a dogma that resists questioning? Do you sometimes accept explanations that sound rational but feel horrible? My suggestion is to shift attention to your feelings for guidance. Bodies know what is real in a way that minds cannot. With awareness you can notice if anyone or anything brings you ease and expansion, or tension and contraction.

I will also mention that these words are being heard by this writer. An oft-used saying is that we teach what we most need to learn. If trusting feelings is my practice for the month, I happily receive the reminder.


  1. So well put! Exactly what I have been discovering. The lag time between feeling response and spoken word often makes me want to grab my mouth and say “Where did THAT come from?!” But I know I have spoken my own relative truth. Sometimes I think many of us are becoming the voice of Earth. Blessings. Mary


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