Fracture 28

white light spiral
finds deep void
inner turmoil exposed

raised from

light bursts forth
from spines top
essence exposed radiates
the perceived reality
unknown conscious stream

emanates from nowhere and everywhere

Fracture 34

gray casted sky
growing shadow horizon
teeters unnamed feeling
between black, white
muted murky orange
stretched toward mountain
mist shrouded, light
streams rain down
snow capped peak
natives bobbing heads
raised toward edge
blue boundary falling.

and we dance in the light shadow
of the peak in the distance.

and we swim in the river’s
icy current from source to delta.

and with eyes closed we can
truly see the light of simultaneity.

and my body wrapped in barbed wire
struggles against the imaginary bonds
that I can see and no one else can
the barb pricks the finger, the blood drips
the mind does not feel the sensation
and the spine captures the essence
and the blood disappears.

Fracture 39



chaotic thoughts
the senses, the presence
the belief
the knowing.

breaking down each moment and thought to singularity
strip away the excess
leave the essence
each word a reflection of time, of a moment

sun rising over each day
the streaming light touching the prairie
the sky hums with life
each raven, each crow

sun rising over desert sands
each ray of light reaches, and folds
me into its belly

William Ricci has been writing poetry for 20 years, with varied styles (free verse, haiku, experimental) and topics (fragments, European cultures, politics, creation, spirituality, previous lives and ancient times). His recent publications include a poem, "A Visit," at Whistling Shade, and an article entitled "Alaska: Experience and Open Doors" at The Loft. When searching for his muse, he travels, hikes, seeks sources of water and experiments with prairie restoration. Please contact him at


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