I was once shown my life
To be like that of a nautilus shell
A spiral of sorts

I didn’t understand at the time
But now I see
Everything just winds around
Ever moving upward

Things I thought I had passed through
Spiral up once more
For me to pass through again
Tested – at a different level
When will I reach the end?

There is no end to the spiral
It travels with me
Into the next dimension
And I keep spiraling upwards

Kathy Parkin has gone through many life changes these past few years, including the time she lived in Portland, Ore., learning to create life on her own terms. She is now back in her birthplace of Minnesota to be closer to family. She finds that life is full of many wonderful chosen adventures, and also some unexpected adventures, but it is all so good. Contact her at kathyskirby@hotmail.com.


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