When I wake at the early hour
I’m thinking of you

I miss the meteor shower
The stardust you’ve powdered
The sea mist breeze of love’s memories

I shine now when I waken
I rise like Mercury of the Eastern heaven
The emerald green of the dream uneven
The edge of the wind that breathes life’s chill
The distant kisses that are tracing us still

My latest stargazer’s bewitchment lingers
The magical caress of harmonic’s fingers
That comet’s tail, that dazzling light
Mesmerizing creatures of the night
Unleashing the thrill of a spiraling sky

I’m thinking of you
I’m thinking of I

Melissa Kaudy is a freelance writer and contractor in corporate communications. She is a former magazine editor and copywriter whose interests include movies, music, theatre, and wildlife flowers and birds. She can be contacted at melisska@visi.com.


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