As we move further into the new year, numerous prophecies are presented as to what is potentially coming to be. I have not written of the prophecy I am going to share, but I have known of it for approximately 10 years now.

Silence. The spirit realm is going to go silent! Those who have been the channeled energies of the universe are going to step away and all communication with the spirit realm is going to come to an end. Spirit guides, channeled entities and groups, as well as angels that humans have become dependent on for information, wisdom and understandings, are going silent.

Why would this actually happen? Because humans have become dependent on their insight, whether it is accurate of not. The moment is coming when we as humans will realize the opportunity to connect with the “I AM Self Universal Essence” through our own individual Self, not through another individual or group in the universe.

Some human beings have already realized this to be true in their communication with the spirit realm. They are trusting that their own intuitive Self is all that is necessary as the universal energy shifts from dependency on another to depending on one’s own personal connection to “All That Is.”

Some individuals might say, “This can’t happen, I need their help.” Exactly! “Need” is the imperative word. Need creates dependency and obligation, not unlike what religion has created. To need another, to give to you what you believe you are not capable of realizing without the help of the spirit realm, does not encourage you to “Trust Your Self!”

Besides, with so many in the spirit realm sharing their take on what is happening, what is important and what is needed, their message only confuses everything. I watched a program a few weeks ago that shared the stories of three men who proclaim to be the Second Coming of Christ. Who do you believe? What do you believe? Between the three men, they have accumulated about 5 million followers. The shepherd and the sheep, just the same old energy that has existed for eons now. Do you recognize it? Are you still caught up in it?

I have been sharing with many for years now that our own individual clarity, awareness and understandings are stronger, more profound and more accurate through our own Essence of Self than it could ever be through another source, whether they are human or in the spirit realm! The so-called New Age movement is really not so different from the religions of the past — humans relying on so-called masters of the past to provide information, understanding and wisdom.

Are you ready to stand on your own two feet and move forward into the future with no help from the individuals or groups of individuals in the spirit realm? Well, ready or not, it is coming! This does not mean we will be alone. Far from it.

We are moving further and further every day into the New Energy of Self! Subsequently we are moving away from the dependency on the many self-proclaimed Gods, Masters and Guides of this universe. Why do you suppose the current Catholic pope has been identified as perhaps the last one in his lineage? Why do you suppose everything is in such a state of turmoil, both personally and as a world society? Out of the chaos there will be clarity — clarity within Self, not through another!

Do not believe this just because I have stated it. It only holds the potential to become our reality. But just as it is with any and every prophecy, the passing of days will prove this prophecy to hold the “Energy of Trueness,” or it will not!

I am not saying this is your truth or the truth of those in the spirit realm who desire to continue in the energy of dependency and obligation they have been creating for years. But I will stand behind this prophecy and guarantee it will come to be. Whether you believe what I share or not, will not change the end result, of this I am absolutely certain.


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