I recently had a day where I felt I was just emotionally beaten down and utterly defeated. In one day I’d received extremely harsh truths from multiple people in my life, both personally and professionally. As you can imagine, this was quite difficult to take until I’d had a good night’s sleep.

Upon waking in the morning, I realized that, in fact, I had been given an amazing gift. That gift was truth. This truth was the closure I’d sought in a romantic situation and clarification about my professional direction. Yes, indeed, my prayers had been answered!

The painful fact is that answered prayers do not come the way you would expect, ever. Oftentimes when praying we will ask for closure to current relationship circumstances or guidance about what job to take next, but when the person you’re dating completely ignores you because of another woman and your boss tells you there is no future for you in your role, that’s devastating. However these were simply my prayers being answered.

I’d prayed for so long to have closure to a romance and to receive career guidance that I’d completely missed the gift until a day later when it occurred to me that God really did hear my pleas.

You see, we get so caught up thinking that when we pray for things like this that we’ll magically win the lottery and prince charming arrives on his beautiful horse. While this is a pleasing thought, it is not likely to occur. In actuality, the Universe seems to be much more subtle than we’d ever think. We need to be keen on what our blessings truly are and how to recognize them.

Once you see everything for what it truly is, whether that is an answered prayer or any other gift from God, it will become much easier to make peace with the more difficult things in your life. You will feel liberated and free to move on in the direction you’ve been guided to take. So wake up, take notice of the gifts you’ve been given and capitalize on your new-found knowledge. Then the world will be yours!

Mandy Cassler resides in the Twin Cities and enjoys the great outdoors in addition to writing whenever she is able. Currently she is a full time, non-traditional student seeking her degree. Mandy's passion for living and loving often outshines just about anything else that she does. Her other passions are her family and friends. Life is never complete without either.


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