Christine Day, a spiritual teacher, healer and author, has channeled information from extraterrestrials known as Pleiadians for the past 20 years, seeking to assist and awaken humanity during this acknowledged time of great transformation on planet Earth. Through a channeled healing modality, Frequencies of Brilliance, and book, Pleiadian Initiations of Light, she has offered people tools to awaken consciously to their true nature, and a new online teaching program that is being introduced – the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy – will allow people worldwide to access information now only offered during select seminars.

The following is the conclusion of the interview conducted with Christine Day from her home office in Minneapolis about the Pleiadians in general and the expanded teaching in particular, as well as her upcoming three-day Pleiadian Seminar on July 22-24 at the Ramada Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. She shares what this transformational shift will look like and how we can support ourselves as we move through it.

Christine Day

What is your role with the Pleiadians? Are you Pleiadian yourself?
Christine Day: Yes, I have a Pleiadian aspect. I have absolutely come here to have a human experience, but on top of that I have a very strong Pleiadian aspect and connection. The Pleiadians see me as an ambassador for them on this planet at this time, representing them and acting as a bridge between, educating humans that the Pleiadians exist and they are here to support and making human beings aware that that support is available.

But also I act as a bridge another way. Through my experiences in this body, the Pleiadians have learned more about human beings and how they can design these energies, what they call light initiations, to support the human being; how it can be user-friendly for the human being to be able to utilize what they have to bring us. So, that has been part of my contract here.

Are there other ambassadors for Pleiadians here on Earth?
CD: I’m sure there are, Tim, but I don’t know of any. I haven’t connected to them, but it makes sense that I haven’t because I think we’re all pretty busy. There’s a lot of work going on and I know I’m not the only one. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Would you say the same response to the question about other star brethren who may be in contact with humans providing other assistance, aside from what the Pleiadians are offering?
CD: Oh, yes. The Pleiadians are working in alignment with a lot of other star system energy people who are coming in, too. You see, the whole universe has focused its attention on planet Earth right now because of this incredible shift we are going through. The Pleiadians see themselves as part of a collective team of extraterrestrial energies that are here to support what we are going through here.

Would you say that the awakening process in general is an unending process where we just deepen into our souls and our hearts and who we are?
CD: It’s always an ongoing journey. We’ve always got more to unfold into. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not ever a destination that we’re getting to. Some people want a destination, an end of the journey, “I just want to get there!” Actually the true joy is in the journey itself, and the journey is never ending. We just move and evolve into more and more understanding and growth and birth of ourselves, and to me that is really beautiful.

You’ve said that the Pleiadians call this time the New Dawning, and on your video from March 27 you indicate that “as we experience Earth changes outwardly, simultaneous changes are taking place inwardly ourselves.” Can you elaborate on what’s actually going on?
CD: Yes, this is really an important point because what’s happening relates to every earthquake anywhere on the Earth plane or any volcanic activity that takes place.

The Pleiadians give me a picture, almost like a door opening and a beam of light hits the Earth, and the Earth in that moment moves a little bit more out of third dimension and births the fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy. This is what’s gradually happening at a very slow rate. As that energy opens, it also affects our energetic field and the cells in our body. You see, our cells also are going through a new dawning process. As the Pleiadians say, we have a transmitter in ourselves that actually is birthing, waking up. It’s actually beginning to have a pulse or a heartbeat with the birthing of this new dimensional energy.

Every time there’s an earthquake or volcanic activity, the transmitter within every cell begins to pulse – and it’s sending out an energy of light, light that is of our own, unique frequency, because every one of us has a unique frequency of light that is recognized by the universe. We don’t know about it, but it is unique. And that little pulse in every cell begins to pulse out like a heartbeat pulsing out our true frequency of light. As that’s happening, it affects the energetic field and the physical nature of the body. Our bodies are going through both a physical transformation and an energetic transformation. For some people, that is creating some really strange feelings inside.

Now, if you are consciously aware of this volcano or this earthquake that’s happened, you know there’s been a birthing and there’s been a shift in your own body. What you need to do is lie down on the Earth, open up to the Sun or the wind, and breathe and allow a conscious integration of this birthing process. The more conscious you are about it, the more you allow yourself to birth more quickly. But you need a conscious integration.

The Pleiadians have channeled an energy through to me that I transmitted out and recorded – an audio channeling available free on my website for people to download and listen to – that also integrates the body. You can do it that way, or you can do it with the Earth itself and with the energy of the natural forces. But it’s imperative right now that we start to consciously birth ourselves in alignment with the Earth as this is happening. If you do that, it’s really going to be a much more smoother process to navigate through these Earth changes.

Will life during this transformational time be more difficult for somebody who doesn’t take any conscious steps to birth this process?
CD: I don’t believe so. The Pleiadians say there are a lot of spiritually awakened people who are working consciously. But, there’s also a tremendous number of people out there who have beautiful hearts. They aren’t consciously spiritually awake, but their hearts are ready for this birthing. They are just as ready as anyone else. So if they can open up and just allow themselves to even integrate with nature on a regular basis, they also can just move into this naturally, because it’s a natural process.

There are no secrets or mysteries here. It’s really a natural process, and that’s what the Pleiadians are trying to tell people. This is a natural birth that we are going through, and every one of us on this Earth plane is ready for it if we’re willing to open up, and so I love that. I love that it’s so natural, that it’s just a remembering that each one of us is slowly going to move into, whether we’re consciously doing it or unconsciously doing it.

Those of us who are spiritually awake right now are going to be anchors for those who are going to be coming in another way. We’re doing our work so that we can guide other people through these times. We’re ahead of the pack because we need to be. There is a need for people who are truly awake to assist others.

Many people compare this process to the natural evolution of the caterpillar to the butterfly.
CD: I totally agree. I think it’s a very good analogy. I also know that we need to understand that there are uncomfortable stages that take place. We need to remember that we are birthing, and birth is never a comfortable process. There are going to be intense moments, but it does not mean that we have to be afraid. It just means we need to breathe and be conscious and understand that the natural forces right now are actually becoming more aligned to us as human beings.

It’s like the veil has lifted between us and the natural forces – and it’s going to continue to lift. Energies are coming toward us to support us in some of this birthing energy that we’re going to be going through. That’s actually going to support us in integrating new light aspects of ourselves as we awaken.

For people who are going through the process consciously, what are the signs that they may be moving out of the third dimension, moving into fourth- and fifth-dimensional consciousness?
CD: There are a number of things that can be happening, and one of them may be a sense that time seems to be changing. One moment things seem to be moving really fast, and at other times it feels like time has stopped, so the illusion of time is changing. It’s becomes apparent when you get up in the morning that time is going to go fast or slow. You look at the clock and half an hour has gone by and it feels like a couple of minutes. Or, you can look at the clock and it’s almost like it doesn’t seem to be moving at all. That’s part of the new dawning energy, this third dimensional breakdown. Time isn’t something we can depend on anymore.

You also may feel lightheaded or disorientated on some level. Because the third dimension is almost melting away, you can’t hang on to the ego-mind stories quite as easily. Your memory of your past may become kind of blurry, because as the third dimension leaves, our stories leave. We hang onto notions that this is who I am, but it’s really not who we are. The third dimension is starting to blur, and our stories may be blurring, as well.

There are other things. You may have a very strong connection to the natural forces. You’ll be outside and all of a sudden it feels like you’re just part of something, that it’s like you’ve moved into nature and you can feel how the natural energy is coming into you, that there’s no separation, like a wall has dissolved between you and the natural forces, perhaps just for a moment of time.

Physical changes are taking place in the body. Your body might shake at times, or you might feel really like vulnerable at times, and that is because we’re moving back into a fluid state. Our natural state is more fluid, more fourth and fifth dimensional where we’re not solid objects. We know we’re not, but we start to experience our fluidity, and feel a little more vulnerable in that, and that may happen just for a moment and then more often. You may sit in a room and suddenly everything seems to be fluid around you. That’s that fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy birthing, but it’s you moving towards it. The veils are lifting and you’re starting to become more of that fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy of yourself.

It’s important that we drink a lot of water. We may not feel like eating as much. A lot of people say to me that they feel like they are going a little crazy, that things just don’t seem like they have in the past. That’s just the shift of dimensional energy. The electrical circuits in our brains are changing and our electrical energy is changing right through the cells. That transmitter activating through our cells with this change is creating a new electrical energy through our bodies.

A lot of people are experiencing physical symptoms. They go to the doctor and nothing can be diagnosed. Many people are just feeling strange. There are a lot of different experiences in our physical body, in the way we can think, the way we see things. Just take a conscious breath and breathe and just let go and open up consciously to the birthing, for that creates a really much smoother navigation through this time.

Do you get questions about how long this is going to take place, this feeling of disorientation? Will it take place for years?
CD: Yes, I get that question a lot because some people want it to go away. A lot of people do not want this to happen. They just want to go along in life like they always have, and that’s just not going to happen. That time is over.

I encourage people to breathe into their hearts. Drink water and just open up consciously to the change. It’s about getting used to feeling differently, rather than going back to the old. There’s no going back. We’re already going through a tunnel and the doors are closing behind us. We may as well just go forward as quickly as we can, as far as I’m concerned. It’s about just accepting where we are and knowing we are on a really grand adventure.

It’s just the time to breathe and let go. The more you fight against it, the more difficult it appears. It’s like swimming upstream in a current.

My feeling is that it’s going to get more intense before it starts to get better, and I feel like the next two years are going to be very extreme. The rest of 2011 and 2012 is going to be an intensifying process. It’s coming in very gradually right now, except it’s not that subtle. I don’t see it that subtle, but I don’t know if it’s because I’m really tuned in. The people I’m working with right now worldwide are all experiencing this intensity, but they’re all working with it very consciously, too, and that helps a lot.

I think we’re looking over a period of four to five years of it coming in, peaking, and going out. And, it will get easier as we go, because once you’re in the middle of it and you start to open consciously, then you begin to be able to really flow with it and be much more relaxed in it. I think the beginning stages are more difficult than the middle and the end stages.

Aside from breathing, drinking water and connecting with the energies of nature, are there other things we can do in our lives to make this a more fun and creative process? Perhaps by getting together in groups of like-minded people?
CD: I think groups are really supportive because you can witness each other’s birthing and you can support each other. You can remind someone, “Remember, this is what you were doing one month ago and look who you are now.” Group is very good.

The Pleiadians emphasize that the spiritual forces, the angels and the light beings and the Masters, are here to support all of us right now in this transition. They work very closely with the Pleiadians and the other alien forces. All we have to do is call them in and ask for their support. They can’t come in without permission, because we have free will. They cannot enter our energetic field without our permission. But if you call them in, the energetic and practical support you can receive from the spiritual energies is amazing. That is a really key piece.

You see, as we transform, as we awaken, we are naturally aligned to the spiritual energies. We are spiritual beings. That is part of our nature. That’s actually what we’re birthing back into. So why not utilize the spiritual energies? The human ego-mind thinks you don’t deserve this, that you’re not good enough or that nobody will want to be there to help us, but the fact is that we have access to the Spiritual realms.

The veils have lifted, allowing the Spiritual realms to come in even more completely and work with us on a physical level, on an emotional level, and also on a spiritual level. They can help us with our missions, with our projects, in support of our physical bodies going through this transformation. Call in that energy and support. It’s there for every person. Not one person is left out of that.

In July you’ll be launching another three-day Pleiadian event in Minneapolis. How many have you done so far?
CD: We’ve done three in the United States and this will be our fourth one in the last 12 months. We are building one in September in Brazil and one in Germany in September 2012. The Pleiadians told me I had to move here five years ago, and they wanted this to be where the energy anchored. They said that Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of the vortex energies within America and the most important one to really assist us in these changes.

Do any transformations take place collectively, radiating out from these events?
CD: Yes, absolutely they do. People who attend learn how to build the energy. They are given sacred sounds in the workshop. Every person who makes that sound has a unique frequency of their own sound that births and opens, and so as they chant with this sound, each person brings in his or her unique frequency to the whole. Waves of energy are built through that and then those waves of energy go out onto the planet. It’s a very beautiful energy and very touching. Very sacred. And there’s a lot of love present in the process.

What else is coming up for you personally in the next year?
CD: Brazil is a very big place for me. I am doing a lot of work there. My book will be published in Brazil in August. The numbers are very large there. We are doing big transmissions there from 1,000 to 2,000 people at a time. The Pleiadian seminars are going very strongly there. Czechoslovakia and Spain have just bought the book, so it is going out into other areas of the world.

I’m just committed to the work. I’m working very hard, traveling eight or nine months during the year. I’m away for eight weeks and home for two days and then back on the road for eight weeks. I’m committed to working with the Pleiadians and supporting humanity in these changing times. I get a lot of joy out of bringing the energies forward from the Pleiadians and making this work available.

We’re doing an expo in Los Angeles in February, so I’m starting to build my profile up here in America. I do a live TV broadcast every second month out of Vegas, and I’m on WorldPuja twice a month [2:30 and 9:30 p.m. Central on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month at] and that’s going very well. I’m going to be doing my own radio show in the next few months.

The Pleiadians want me in a higher profile here in America, so that’s what I’m moving towards. And I’m committed to my own unfolding, to my own birthing process. It’s a very humbling process, as far as I’m concerned.

For more information on Christine Day and the Pleiadian Enlightenment Academy, visit and


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  3. This pleidean stuff is human talk. If they really existed with their alleged fine avowed intentions, then why aren’t they helping humanity NOW?


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