Midwest, middle midriff
absolute middle
middle west
heart, heartland
heart chakra

rows of rye and dirham
lined up, visual rhythm
waves of grass and grain
motion, pulse
pumping blood through heart

porthole to the east,
window to the west
ripples at two ends of an ocean of land
meeting, cancelling in the middle,
middle rift, mid rift
mid west

picking up the watery signal,
turning it back
waving back in ripples to east and west
ringing back to the head and foot
of america,
pumping loud from the heart,
amber waves of grain,
blue waves of great lakes,
black waves of plowed furrows
sound waves across bridge

mid range,
connecting highs and lows,
treble and bass
waves of wheat
rye and dirham,
frozen rhythms
vibrating the eyes
trance for miles
side to side
reaching from sea to shining sea,
open arms from the heart

heart land
heart chakra
boom boom
boom chakra chakra

cynic lives on fringes
on outer edges,
corded borders
in the midlands
nothing but land,
flat canvas
to paint pictures on the horizon
color and shade with waves
in the brain
with waves of grain rippling
golden fingers brushing the lower edges
brush stroke for stroke of heart
pumping with blood
from the heart land
heart chakra, boom
chakra laka laka

Kevin Zepper teaches at Minnesota State University Moorhead. He has published four chapbooks of poetry. Presently, he is one half of a poetry/music performing duo, Lines&Notes. Several of his poems can be heard on the Northern Community Radio website under the program heading “The Beat.”



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