About fifteen years ago a close friend invited me on a trip to southern Iowa to sit in a room of eight computers for a healing. Naturally, I thought the idea was ridiculous, for who would want to sit in a room full of computers? I thought, “How healthy is that?” Surely the electricity flow couldn’t be healthy for one’s body.

The “I know what I know” syndrome kicks in. Little did I realize that I would own my own computer rejuvenation business and just LOVE to sit in the room, experiencing scalar energy. When I come to Minneapolis, I can hardly wait to sit in the scalar room. It draws me in and feels like home.

I turn 50 this month and most of my friends can’t believe it. They think I’m fortysomething. Surprise! When I come out of the scalar room, people comment that my skin glows. I have felt many things in scalar energy. A deep love, peace, relaxation, connection to a higher self, tingling sensations throughout the body that continue for quite a while. I actually feel the waves moving through and around me. You can’t force waves. You just let everything go and let them rejuvenate your cells.

My friends from Iowa say that each time they come out of a scalar room it’s different. They feel something changes inside emotionally, mentally or physically. They experience a deep connection to their spirituality, God or the universe. The receptionist had a severe case of plantar fasciitis and hated to walk. She tried a session and the next morning she had no pain in the affected heel.

We ask everyone who enters the chamber to sit back, close your eyes, clear your mind and set an intention asking God or the universe to heal whatever you feel is going on in your body. Go as deep as you can; sleeping is acceptable. The level of peace, tranquility and love that comes through during a session is the main factor that correlates with these healings. If you can go into a state of deep relaxation for a long period of time, there is nothing that the body can’t heal. The chamber increases brain waves related to meditation, relaxation, peace and love. The secret of the universe is just sitting down to listen. When we take time to listen, the energy will come.

The more energy we have, the healthier our bodies are. The less energy we have, the more lifeless we become and we are more asleep to our lives and miss the God details of our life.

Scalar waves are like using a cell phone. We plug our cell phones in to get recharged. Similarly, we can plug our bodies into scalar waves to rejuvenate cells in our body. The earth was formed by scalar waves thousands of years ago. Scalar waves are the foundation of the earth. This type of energy is found everywhere and at every point of the universe. It is in us and through us and very prominent in nature.

Before and after scalar sessions, testing of blood and EEGs has shown definite toxin release and changes in energy levels. Testing has shown that even six months later, energy has still been at elevated levels. Improved health conditions have been seen in the following conditions: diabetes (usually need to lower insulin level), vision, kidney stones (usually pass painlessly after a session or two), chronic injuries/disorders/pain, Parkinson’s and tremors, anxiety and depression, strokes, sinus problems, fibromyalgia, fatigue and arthritis. Before and after blood tests have shown that scalar waves detoxify cells. Clients usually sleep better and feel more energized.

The optimum amount of time for a session is two hours. This is because it takes a while for the mind to settle down, relax and allow the spirit to listen. This process takes up to an hour. The second hour is pure healing. Although scalar waves were discovered in the early 1900s, this new way of healing is an easy and painless way to correct or improve upon conditions that we have allowed to take over the body.

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  1. I have been doing a lot of research on scalar energy and i found this site very helpful. It helped me make a decision to receive the treatments. I will be letting my family and friends know about scalar energy. I have also found a page about scalar technology that seemed to be very helpful. I have posted the link below.


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