The Mojo Doctors — Bradford Keeney & Hillary Stephenson — are now presenting eight hours of recorded ecstatic teachings free to the public.

In spite of all the spiritual teaching now taking place, few have heard of “the spiritual classrooms” — the original source of teaching where the world’s oldest wisdom traditions have received guidance, healing, and spiritual know-how. With music, rhythm, and ecstatic talk, these original productions are infused with spirit and delivered as a direct transmission of the teachings Bradford Keeney personally received through his own visits to the spiritual classrooms over the course of many years.

“There is more to knowledge than what colleges and universities teach, including the college of hard knocks and street smarts,” reads the online intro to The Spiritual Classrooms. “In the world of spirit there are virtual classrooms, outside the radar of scientific measurement, where the highest transformative teachings are dispersed. This is the original mystery school.

“When you have a rope to God, you may be led to these extraordinary classrooms. Here you are infused with life force, transformed, and anointed to help others. The teachings you bring back help awaken hearts and renew souls.”

Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned traditional healer, creative therapist, cybernetician, anthropologist of cultural healing traditions, and improvisational performer. He is presently Professor and Hanna Spyker Eminent Scholars Chair, University of Louisiana, Monroe, and has served as a professor, founder, and director of clinical doctoral programs in numerous universities.

Hillary Stephenson, Ph.D., has been working in the fields of coaching, social justice, diversity education, and community-based leadership development for over ten years. She is presently Distinguished Visiting Professor, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico, and director of the New Orleans-based project, “Circular Poetics: Traditional Healing Wisdom for the Mental Health Professions.”

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