Slowly, now, I turn the corner
Finally, something has shifted
Inside me
that my days are not filled with sorrow
and tears.
Perhaps you, too, have changed
have turned a corner
and my Soul
feels it
and takes comfort
yet separate
We heal our wounds,
Our sorrow
Our grief
Would that one day soon
you will break
your silence
so we may come
in forgiveness
No need for elaborate discussions
Allow forgiveness to enter in
Allow forgiveness to paint the next scene
for us to dance in
Allow our Souls to finally
be reunited
once again
on this earth plane
Let us give our Souls
one last time together
here, on Earth,
before we
as the Twin Flames We are.

Marita Rahlenbeck is a Standard Licensee of the Higher Brain Living® system, a gifted Intuitive and Soul Mentor. She brings a long history of holistic, alternative wellness to her practice, incorporating a blend of energy and crystal medicine with essential oils. To learn more about experiencing a Higher Brain Living session, contact Marita at 952.215.2161 or Visit for upcoming presentations and other events.


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