A quick look into my life and how Divine Images are brought forth

Like many other lightworkers and healers who are working hard for the rise of benevolence in our time, I have also agreed to take on the role of helping all those who want to rise into a higher state of awareness. Hence, my work is intended to uplift all those who come in contact with it.

As one person, I can only play my part in this great awakening. What you are about to read is my contribution. So many lightworkers depend upon the help and support of many to accomplish their goals, and in this case, I am the same. I have chosen to rely on my lightwork to help support me and my family, and the task that has been given to us is neither small nor easy, but ultimately for the benefit of all. My livelihood depends on the willingness of others to share their abundance so that the work can continue.

I have a new series of divine images that have been wanting to come forth, and I know that there will be a day soon when these portals will be made available to the world with your help. Thank you all for continuing to offer support for worldwide change and growth.

At the same time that I began studying fine art in New York and Florence, Italy, I began my yoga practice delving deeply into Jnana, Bhakti and Kriya Yoga. I visited many intriguing places in the inner spiritual realms and traveled to interesting places in the outer physical world. Time spent in study and meditation revealed my great desire to bring into manifestation images that would express and reflect my experiences of the Infinite within each individual and all of creation — while balancing and healing anyone who looks upon them.

Each journey has blessed me with seeds of contemplation and understanding. It has been these seeds that have burst forth in the form of visual images that reflect the divine inner journey of every being, and finally, of the Kundalini Shakti. From the seat of my soul, I held the steadfast intention to bring them into sacred geometric expression, and with the assistance of Divine Creative Mother, I have seen this dream fulfilled.

Revealing images
The creative process, for me, is one of preparation and then listening to the divine inspiration that speaks to us all. It is simply tapping into the heart center and then living and acting from that space. When I feel the clarity of this realm come over me, there is no mistaking its power and beauty. It is pure bliss. I want to share this experience with all that want hear about it.

Several years ago I had a dream, where in a subtle landscape, I visited an art studio and found myself in front of my first Divine creation. I was so awestruck at the beauty and organization of such a captivating image that I jumped out of bed and ran to my desk to sketch the image as fast as I could. The image was not lost. Soon, it was on canvas and I entitled it “Organic Cathedral.” This painting is a spellbinding look at how the Divine Mystery reveals itself to us in the natural world where color and form unite in divine harmony.

As I was bringing this image into creation, my friend Nathan Dove Bear, a Native American of the Arapaho tribe, said to me, “This must be how animals and insects see the grandeur of their world.” It struck me so profoundly that I had an epiphany about the great teachings of the divine beings that I had come to know.

“Do you see the miracle?” the teacher asked his disciple. “Here the One has become a rock, a tree, and a human being.” Each time now, when I look upon this painting, I am instantly reminded that everything we experience with the five senses is a revelation of the great Sea of Love that encompasses and is within all things, great and small. This experience marked the beginning of a great unfoldment of other beautiful images in a process of co-creation with Divine Mother.

Many more images came to me in the subtle dream state or in meditation, and when the image “The Labyrinth of Human Existence” was revealed to me, I was amazed at how the painting so perfectly reflects the complexity of our journey here in this world. I saw layer after layer of deeper meaning in the idea that we are wandering through a vast and intricate web of life. It boggles my mind to think about how we make hundreds, even thousands, of decisions that shape our journey each day.

Months and years passed, yet I was still so excited about what I might receive that I found it hard to sleep. I was filled with gratitude and awe about being the messenger of powerful living geometric expressions of the Divine. It was glorious. I decided to make a detailed record of all the images that came to me, and as I was doing so, I realized that my paintings were meant to be experienced all over the world by millions of people who have chosen to take the same journey that I have chosen to embark upon.

One night, I got the chance to ask a woman who speaks with spirit guides what I must do to flower the world with my paintings. In a very sweet and gentle look, the woman turned her glance upward and was silent for a moment. Then a smile began to curl up at the corners of her mouth. She said, “If you want to flower the world with your paintings, you must show them to people.” I laughed out loud with great amusement at the simple and powerful message. “It’s so easy,” I thought.

I began exploring the many ways that I could share these images with the world. What steps would I take to reach all the people for whom these powerful images and portals are meant? At first, I thought I should contact the art galleries that are considered to be on the cutting edge of new and creative art, but art galleries are primarily in the business of selling popularized images and rarely look for something profoundly transformative. It became obvious that the traditional art community was not the way to go, because I knew that what I had painted was extraordinary and in a category all its own. I sought the assistance of a woman who is a seer. At her recommendation, I began showing the paintings at spiritual events and places where people are gathering to share their experiences. So far, there is much interest.

“Merging” is the beautiful, ecstatic and powerful process of experiencing our unity with the Divine. It is the most profound and expanding experience this existence has to offer. It is a union on every level with the force that creates, sustains, and dissolves this world in each moment. It represents a fundamental shift in the perspective of the seeker. It is a foundational experience described in the philosophical texts of many traditions — an experience of the level of vibration that inspires the heart and motivates the mind to seek that unity consciousness unceasingly, until oneness becomes a consistent way of perceiving All That Is. This painting is a reflection of the experience of the two becoming The One. The seeker longs to be one with the Divine, because the illusion of this realm creates a dimension of separateness. However, we must grow into the perspective that we have always been the One. Learning about the endless Sea of Love is an unending process of remembering and forgetting, so that the feeling of merging is ever a new and exhilarating experience. I invite you to explore the rush of “Merging.”

“The Color of Understanding”
The Color of Understanding is a map of the shifts in Consciousness a person must make to achieve enlightenment. It expresses the manifestation of all things that reverberate from the center of being, or the Nila Bindu. Meditation on this image opens the pathways to knowingness and understanding of the Great Sea of Love in which we are immersed. This painting reveals the similar reflections of the divine in specific Eastern cultures, as well as Mayan, Incan and many Native American tribes. “The Color of Understanding” unleashes the Bliss of the Universe from within.

“The Geometry of Love”
“The Geometry of Love” is an image of the Love of Divine Mother, Aboriginal visions of the land, the rainbow serpent power, and yogic symbols of the divine within each human being. “The Geometry of Love” represents a unity between previously separate ideologies in painting themes. It brings about deeper states of conscious awareness. The center of the painting acts as a vortex and draws the viewer into the realm of ethereal space described in the tantric texts of India and Kashmir. The triangle with a blue sphere at the center is recorded in these texts as the Seat of the Soul. The triangle, the circle and the square are the basic building blocks of all things. The title of the painting is meant to express the idea that these basic shapes are a manifestation of the great infinitely nurturing field of energy that contains all space. The Divine intention that brought this painting into manifestation is one of shifting human consciousness to a more beneficial, loving, understanding and healing wavelength.

These are just three of the many images that have come. They are a manifestation of God’s love and desire to assist those who want to shift from the uncomfortable state that they are living in to a place of love, understanding, peace and bliss. They are representations in fine art of what is opening up on a universal scale. Yogic, Hopi, Mayan, Anasazi, Aboriginal, Christian, Moslem and Polynesian symbology are but a few of the dimensions, or perspectives, revealed in these original works of art, which are combined in such a way that they take the viewer on an inward journey that reminds us that we are all one!

John Scarantino Beck, also known as John "Golden Eagle" Beck, is a shamanic healer in the Oklevueha Native American Church. He is a world-class artist and has studied under the great acclaimed artists in New York and Florence, Italy. He has been dubbed "The Painter of True Beauty." Mr. Beck has exhibited in New York, Houston, Washington D.C., Maui, and Salt Lake City. The latest paintings include a series of abstract works that are spiritual healing images. These paintings are powerful tools for shifting individuals' lives and living spaces from lower inhibited vibrations to higher vibrational frequencies that promise to impact all areas of peoples' lives in a powerful and uplifting way.


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