How foolish I have been.
Like a moth that tried to fly
Too close to the candle’s flame, got singed
And returned, wanting to share with others
This life-changing event:
Being united, embracing his Love.
I, too, have been altered
By the Light of another Flame.

Now, wandering on this street corner,
Fumbling to tell my story to anyone who will listen.
Worst than laughter, I am ignored
And left alone, to silently remember;
My brief Journey to the Sun.

Perhaps, I will stand quietly
Reliving that glorious hour
When, for an instant, I touched Infinity.
Yet the pain and distance
Of not going further
Still tears away at my heart,
Not letting me rest.

Alone — left to limp along,
Living in yesterday’s rapture and pain;
Continually calling out to my Beloved:
When will you touch my heart, again?

Photograph by Patricia Youker

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff
Dr. Stewart Bitkoff is an avid student of Sufi Mysticism and the perennial philosophy. Professionally, specializing in the healing applications of therapeutic recreation, psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health treatment, Bitkoff holds a doctorate in education and has served as a faculty member for six colleges and universities. He is the author of numerous books, including Beyond The River's Gate, Light on the Mountain and The World of Pond Stories. Visit


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