flowers_rose_beamsMy dear friend claims that she gets sick every time she flies in an airplane. So, after arriving by airplane, she does get sick. You get what you focus on. This is good manifesting. However, you might question whether the results serve the believer.

Last night, I stayed up way too late working on a project. Sometimes I expound a belief system to my children that goes like this: “If you don’t get enough sleep, you will get sick!” When I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning, I lie in bed revisiting that belief. In what way does that belief serve me? Is that belief creating the world that I want?

When I am trying to control my children’s bedtime, that old belief serves me — well, sort of, in the short term. (We’ll revisit the long-term consequences later.) That belief might serve me as a guiding principle about taking care of my body temple. However, while it may be true that I slept a few hours less than usual, today I still choose radiant health anyway! I lie in bed connecting to Soul’s light to remember what radiant health feels like — I am creating the world that I want.

Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research Institute [] points out that each of us can control four things: what we think, what we do, what we attract into our lives and the meaning we give to something.

Some days, I am aware of opportunities to choose what I want to create. When I hear of another friend with cancer, for example, I send them a blessing. Then, I tune inward to my own beliefs and my own wisdom. I thank Spirit and my body wisdom for the blessing of health and vitality. I check in with my body to ask what I need for balance in this moment. At those times, I am aware of my thoughts, my actions, the energy vibration I am attracting and the meaning I give to the circumstance. I get to practice choosing awareness in my individual life every day.

Now that the world has not come to an end, we are at an extended choice point. We get to choose to create the new world from here on out. So far, we’ve been doing a good job of creating hell on earth. Now it is time to start creating heaven on earth. The word that Jesus used for HEAVEN also translates to HARMONY.

What do your heaven and harmony feel like? How do people treat each other? How do people treat animals, the Earth and the sea? How do you spend your time? With whom? Become more aware of your thoughts, actions, vibration and the meaning you choose to create.

In what area of your life can you become more aware of heaven and of the opportunity to create more harmony? Since it is outside of your awareness, try this process to bring it to your consciousness:

Start by connecting to your Inner Wisdom, Spirit, God within all beings. Ground your energy into the center of the earth and bring earth’s magnetic energy through your feet and tailbone into your torso and circulate it out the top of your head down and around you like a fountain. From the center of your being, send your energy out to the center of the galaxy. Draw in star energy through the top of your head, circulating through your torso and out your feet and tailbone, flowing up and around like a fountain. Imagine that an area of your unconscious exists that would create more harmony for you if you could become aware of it. Imagine that Divine Guidance is gently bringing an awareness to you of the very idea or concept that will help you create more harmony in your life. Receive the gift without attachment about when the awareness will appear.

This new year, I resolve to be more aware of creating what I do want — harmony and heaven on earth.

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Leah Skurdal has been on a journey of inner healing and spiritual transformation for over 30 years. The awarenesses she has received along the way are divine gifts. Leah developed her intuitive abilities through training in various healing modalities, meditation and prayer. In her business, Mastery in the Art of Living, Leah specializes in helping people strengthen body, mind & spirit to live more purposeful, healthier lives. Visit her blog site at


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