When I moved to Earthway Farm in South Haven, MN, 24 years ago, I did not realize that this geographical move would also lead one day to a shift in lambconsciousness. Animals and nature seem to offer a ready opening to a connection with the other side. They have helped me to awaken to see the real presence of angels in our lives. What I wish to share here are a sampling of the miracles that have taken place with the animals.

Most recently, I was finishing up early morning chores and preparing to go to our local flea market. As I came in from the barn, I saw our 11-year-old pug, Tanner struggling to stand. Immediately I ran to him, thinking he was having a seizure. As I held him, I realized that it was not a seizure. Maybe a stroke? While my roommate called the vet, I took my quartz crystal and touched it to his head and asked Archangel Raphael to come to his aid. (It was a difficult time, as this Pug is a close friend and dearly loved). As I prayed, I felt a calmness enter through the top of my head and move through my entire body. At the same time, I was holding Tanner’s head and could feel something ease up within him, as well. By the time we arrived at the vet clinic, he was walking and almost back to normal. It was determined by the vet that he may have had a stroke.

But this is not the end of the story. My roommate had decided to go on to the flea market, as we had a booth there. So, when I arrived with Tanner walking along side of me, she was quite pleased, to say the least. But, as I walked into the market, I could smell the fresh fruits and vegetables — and it seemed like I was seeing and smelling everything for the first time. It all seemed so beautiful. A gold light was cast on all that was before me, and a tremendous peace was everywhere. I felt a deep sense of contentment and joy. It was so hard to put it all in words. Writing this feels like such an inadequate way of describing the experience. All that I can really say is that we were visited by angels and they left their mark of love in my experience.

Before I finish, I would like to tell one more story. It was mid-May and I was feeding the animals early before the arrival of a bus filled with first graders coming for their annual field trip to our farm. We had several bottle lambs who were enthusiastically consuming their morning bottle of goat’s milk. One had been drinking quite fast and I remember feeling concerned that she might get milk in her lungs by drinking so quickly. She finished her bottle early and I turned my attention to the other lamb who was still drinking.

When I looked back, the first lamb was laying down flat on the ground. When I looked at her side, I saw no movement. I quickly picked her up, standing her on her legs (which was futile as they definitely were not going to hold her up), and her head flopped over to the side like a rag doll. I could feel no movement between my hands as they held her sides. I asked Archangel Raphael to come to her aid four times. I am not sure if four times had any significance, but it felt right to me at the time. I then felt movement between my hands and the lamb lifted her head up and stood on her feet. As I write these words, I know that the experience is way beyond what my words on this paper can describe.

All I know for sure is this: We are not alone. Angels are everywhere around us. They have no judgment of us, but support us when we let go of our fear and invite them in. Nature and animals have a better connection to this realm than I do, so I am grateful for the opportunity to spend my life here with them. My hope is that their knowledge and wisdom will visit me as well. Peace to all of you.

Patty Dease and her partner have been running Earthway Farm in South Haven, MN, for 24 years. Each year several thousand school children make their annual field trip to the farm to experience the gentle farm animals and to experience the calmness of nature. Most recently, Earthway has also been offering metaphysical classes, which have been well attended. They offer workshops and classes there on spiritual growth and healing with the Angels.


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