sleep_womanThe myths that captivate us in waking are actually magical truths birthed from our unconscious selves residing within the realms of dreamtime. Ghosts of our past, present and future are a part of our dreamtime, and each being, alive and deceased, has a bowl full of wisdom and knowledge to share with us.

In living human form, we exist as the spirits of our souls, and our souls originate from other dimensional realms and universes that are only naked to the human eye because long ago we shut the curtain and darkened our sight. It is time we begin to lift this dreaming veil and bring our true sight back in order to evolve…not only as living human beings, but to evolve as spiritual higher vibrational souls.

The first step is for all of us to tap into our dreaming abilities, our intuition, to raise our vibrational energy levels, and to stop thinking that if it seems it is impossible, then it must not be true. Dreams are pieces of our soul’s reality. They are not always a manifestation of our waking self, working through our daily lives. Dreams bring messages of your future back to us.

If we begin to shift our perspective and let the prism of realities reflect back at us, it may not be so odd to hear that many people have the gift of mediumship within their dreams. These sixth sense abilities lay within many DreamWorkers who lucidly encounter the deceased, are aware of their telepathic communication experience, help deceased souls during their transition to the afterlife, and have the ability to guide and provide healing to souls who are living.

This night shift work of afterlife communication, healing and guidance takes place during the same hours as we sleep — when our physical body sleeps and our soul astral travels through the many realms existing beyond this waking one. Within these parallel dimensions, dreamers encounter spirits, guides, angels and all types of unearthly “beings,” some familiar and others unfamiliar to us. These dream encounters, from realms beyond our waking, offer messages of importance and healing for us, for the living, and for and from the deceased.

While working the night shift, dreamers become aware of their surroundings as they awaken within their dream state. Quickly discovering the enhancement of all their senses — feeling, seeing, hearing, touching, knowing — these heightened abilities become their natural state within their dreams.

Have you ever woken up exhausted after a good night’s rest? Ever wondered why entering into some dreams feels more intense and wildly vivid than other dreams? Are the people, or beings, you encounter knowingly real to you, rather than feeling like “manifestations of yourself?” More than likely, you have astral travelled to a parallel world or within the unlimited dimensional realms we all are capable of reaching within our dreams — where are soul resides as our truest self, and where we provide energy medicine and guidance to others. These dimensional locations are places many dreamers are able to tap into the consciousness of each other’s whole being of both the living and deceased. These are the same dreams in which a dreamer may find they are working the night shift, where it is revealed that they are DreamWorkers.

Amazing and magical abilities reside in everyone. Some people are able to identify and utilize their gifts within waking, while other people’s abilities reside deep within their dream state, appearing within the hours when their soul is in their truest form. If a night shift dream appears, do not fear what is not meant to be feared. Embrace your dream, as they have the ability to hold one’s true gifts.

Once you decide to peer deeper into your dreamtime, you may begin to notice your individual self-awakening: a sudden thought to begin seeking out what you have thought to be the impossible — and finding the most amazing happenings manifesting through unconscious connections, natural sixth sense abilities, unconditional love and radiant light.

Meredith Smith is a Dream Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, and author of DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams. Meredith is an astral traveler and dream translator existing on the boundary line of waking and dreamtime, she speaks in dreams. To learn more about dreams, dream guides, afterlife communication, DreamWorkers, Night Shift Dreams, Spirits of our past & future, and Distance Reiki Energy Medicine visit


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