All these years I have been swallowing my tears,
Drowning out my heart’s profound lament;
All these years I took your sorrow for my own,
Bore it all alone, wove it into bone and every cell;
I carried all your fear; I held it almost dear,
Yet always so unclear why I felt lost.
All these years, now that you are gone,
Turning into tears that can be shed;
All these tears, now that you have died
Washing clean the years and words unsaid.

Victoria Pendragon
Victoria Pendragon's poems were first published in the 1960s by Ingenue Magazine. She was raised in a house where words were treasured toys, where the 10-pound Webster's Unabridged sat right next to the dinner table and was as much a member of the family as anyone. Weaving words is one of her Wisdom Ways, a tool for re-crafting her relationship to her reality, a reality that has at times been...challenging. Poems are the foundation of her life as an artist. Contact her at Visit, or


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