Sam, please describe a typical Polarity Resolution Process session.
First there is a set-up phase in which clients define a positive goal they want to manifest. They visualize it, they bring the energy in and then, with the help of their Higher Self, the two opposing poles of conflict that are fighting each other and creating resistance to manifesting their goal are defined. Chairs are placed in two spots representing the two polarities. When they sit in each chair, they ask their Higher Self to resolve the polarity conflict and bring it to unity and oneness.

They start in the yin pole, representing the feminine. The densest, most blocked energy is in that pole. They will feel sorrow and grief coming up and it will be pouring out of them and they will have images flashing in their mind, about their childhood or something that happened when they were in their twenties, or whatever. All these images flash in front of them, and as they experience that, the Higher Self is helping them release the grief, the sorrow, the sense of loss, being forsaken. All those emotions are being cleared. That usually takes about 30 minutes, and by the end of it they are feeling great. Clients feel elated and they feel balanced, because they’ve cleared all this dark energy they have been carrying around.

Then they sit in the yang chair, the masculine, and they ask their Higher Self to resolve the polarity conflict. Now they get immersed in all the disturbed masculine energy: anger, frustration, and as those emotions are coming up, once again they are having flashes before them in their mind’s eye of all these situations in their life. About half of my clients see past life issues of when they were a slave or burned at the stake. I have had that happen a few times. As that clearing goes on, the Higher Self is releasing those old traumas and emotions related to them. They will feel waves of anger, waves of frustration, but it will finally clear.

By the end of the session where the yin and yang chairs have been, their energies have been released. I’ve had people tell me they felt pure bliss and ecstasy and unity. Invariably they will feel very, very, good. They will feel balanced, they will feel centered. They can see how to get off the fence and feel prepared to do that if that is their situation.

How long does a session last?
That’s an interesting question. Up to this year it was lasting about one hour and 15 minutes. With the energy that has been coming in — the spiritual energy, the higher frequencies of love and unity coming into the planet — with some clients it has been reduced down to about one hour. It is taking maybe only 20 minutes per pole, per yin and yang pole, rather than 30 or 35. So, the clearing is speeding up. It is like the energy in the planet is supporting people clearing their karmic issues and their polarity conflicts.

Is this a process you can do yourself, or does it always involve somebody facilitating it?
It is a process you can do yourself. There is a chapter in the book about how to do that, what I call the Personal PRP Process, and you can clear and resolve polarity conflicts that are going on. As an example: It took me nine years to write the PRP book, and most of the time I had emotional issues come up, so I would do personal PRPs on myself to clear the inner resistance to continuing on with the book-writing process.

How is holographic thinking involved in this process?
A book was written quite a while ago about the holographic universe. I believe in the thesis of the book, that we are actually living in holograms. Our memories are holograms, and probable futures or probable states are holograms.

A hologram is an energetic field that holds information. It is a way of storing very complex information in an energetic field. Apparently our minds operate holographically, there are all kinds of information that suggest that’s how it happens. It has been suggested that the universe is one large hologram we operate in.

When you are visualizing something that you want to manifest, as if it has already manifested, you are creating a blueprint or a template of that image, of that manifested state, and I believe it is created as a hologram in your brain. Recent theories on holographic thinking suggest that as our brain neurons fire, they react energetically to create an interference pattern and create holograms. What we perceive three dimensionally out there is really being created in our brain as a holographic image.

But when you visualize a goal as if it has already manifested, you are creating a holographic image in your brain — and your brain does not know that is any different from the physical reality you are living in. Let’s say you are not making enough money. You start visualizing yourself being abundant, and then the brain takes that as the reality and begins to create that for you.

Do inner polarity conflicts hamper attempts to balance and heal the body with traditional and alternative healing modalities?
I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think a lot of traditional healing modalities don’t really address the underlying conflict, in part because the therapist does not know what the underlying dynamics are for the client, and the client doesn’t either. The client may not know they have three or four past lives in which they were isolated, and they may not remember when they were in the crib at 3 years old and felt isolated and left by their parents and created emotional trauma. They may not remember that, and yet that memory, the past life stuff, may all be affecting what is going on in the present moment.

So they go to a conventional therapist who may talk about traumas when they were a teenager or at the age of 21 or whatever, but the therapist is not aware and the client is not aware of these underlying traumas — the 3 year old in the crib and the past lives. Only the Higher Self knows this. I think the PRP has an advantage over conventional therapy, because the Higher Self is aware of all the discordant components of the polarity conflict structure and can address each of them in the appropriate order they need to be addressed and clear them.

What are the benefits of PRP in our daily lives?
I can speak for myself. Whenever I hit points of resistance where I felt I needed to do something, like write a book or give a workshop, and I kept finding excuses not to work on it, I would do a personal PRP on myself, clear the resistance and then I would just charge ahead into the project. That is one of the ways it can help. It can also help you with disease. If you have physical ailments, it means that you have hidden polarity conflicts causing stress in the body and creating the problem. So, if you clear that on an energetic level, the body can begin to heal itself.

You mention that this information on PRP came to you in 1992. How has the process been refined during the past 20 years?
It’s gone through a number of revisions. I was given the bare bones structure for the PRP in 1992. I had a friend at that time and we did many PRPs on each other and discussed the process. Because of his suggestions, I added two stages to the process. Then I attended a channeling that discussed certain manifestation techniques and that gave me the idea to add two more stages to the process. So, it has been refined over the last 21 years, and it is still undergoing refinement. I still make slight changes, but they are minor compared to what I have already done. It has been an organic process.

What will you be doing while you’re back in the Twin Cities?
I am teaching a three-day workshop teaching the Polarity Resolution Process, and I am giving a series of spiritual attunements. I get a lot of channeling from St. Germain. He is my main guide who comes through Shamballa. Three years ago he came in and said, “We, who come through Shamballa, want to bring in an Ascension Acceleration Program, a series of activations.” So they started giving me this series of activations.

In August I will be offering a number of them to people who want to receive them. One is called “Expressing Myself as a Presence.” The other is “Activating the Enlightenment Process.” And another one is “Activating My Dominant Body and the Sacred Heart.” These are all part of the Ascension Activation Accelerations. There is a Light Body workshop, and there are 12 separate activations afterwards, offered during a two-day process. I am giving a workshop on “Improving Your Ability to Consciously Manifest.” And then I am giving a series of activations at the end of the month for “Blueprints for the Transformation Into Higher Consciousness.”

Thanks for the conversation, Samuel. Is there anything you like to add that we haven’t talked about?
I’d like to review the advantages of PRP. The Higher Self of the client conducts the clearing, the healing and the resolution of the client’s polarity conflict, not the facilitator. The facilitator sets up the session by having the client define the positive goal and then define the poles of conflict, but then it moves into the healing phase, which is conducted by the Higher Self. The facilitator does not have to dig into the client’s subconscious, doesn’t have to ask questions about what happened in the client’s life experience.

The other thing I would say about the PRP is that 99.99 percent of the time clients feel better at the end of the session. They more balanced and able and willing to address their problems, where they were not willing to do that before. They were in overwhelm and felt they did not have any options, and at the end of a session they feel they have options that they can take.

Energy healer, teacher and author Samuel Welsh will teach the Polarity Resolution Process, lead Ascension Acceleration Program events and offer private sessions in August in the Twin Cities. The Ascension Acceleration Program is a series of spiritual activations to rapidly catalyze one’s ascension in frequency. Individuals may receive the actavations in any order. RSVP for events you will attend at mbcurry516@gmail.com or call 651.788.2459. Welsh’s book, Transforming Inner Stress: The Polarity Resolution Process, is available by multiple booksellers online.


  1. Thank you for this excellent and very timely discussion. Many people today feel the desire to move forward, but are waiting for some sense of certainty or “assurance” about the course to take. But, as you suggest, we must often take a first step (and probably a second or third step), before we begin to feel that support and clearer direction for our path. And not coincidentally, with our first step, that cloud of powerlessness immediately begins to lift, and our forward momentum returns to us.


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