beeThe fuzzy bee meanders through an ocean of yellow daisies
She pollenates each flower without discernment

The sun splashes warmth upon all willing to receive her nurturing glow
She is relentless in giving her light to all

The breeze massages all leaves and branches while combing through space
She touches and inspires movement with ambiguity

The wet blades of grass grow together to make a supportive bed
She welcomes all to play or lay upon her

I ask myself today, can I be like the fuzzy bee, the sun, the breeze and the wet blades of grass?
Can I be the indifferent love that flows within the universe?

Michelle Ploog is an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) certified in Kripalu Yoga and Baptiste Power Yoga that inspires students to live a life of passion and purpose. During her eight years of teaching, she has taught yoga to an array of students from professional athletes, celebrities, women in recovery from sex trafficking, and adolescents coping with depression.  She has coached and trained yoga teachers as a facilitator for multiple teacher training programs, featured workshops and immersions around the country.  Her intention for teaching is to create a transformational and opening experience for students to embrace their inner light of greatness. For more about Michelle, please visit and


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