abstract_star_colorENERGY HEALING HAS HELPED ME to heal daily emotions, childhood traumas, and even migraines. The practice of energy healing has built an unshakable inner trust within and has shown me that when I am paying attention, the energy will always lead to the Truth. I have seen this within myself and with my clients. Energy unveils our motivations, our secrets, and our potential.

The world is moving towards a 5th dimensional energy frequency, within the Earth herself, and within our own physical-emotional-spiritual bodies. This shift to the 5th dimension will be a form of Heaven on Earth. While it may take several years to get there as a whole (some report until the year 2019), those souls who have chosen it will arrive. However, there are things you can do to make the journey happen more quickly and easily.

Be the Light. Be Peace. Be Love. The 5th dimension is simple. The 5th dimension is all about being — being who you really are, and not whom others, or you, think you should be. It’s about letting go of all that you are not — emotions, beliefs, and facades.

Energy healing can be helpful with this process of being and letting go, because the Light can move “all that you are not” from your body, emotions, and energy field. As I began utilizing 5th dimensional Light energy, the process amplified immensely. Healing that used to take hours, weeks or months occurred in only a few minutes or seconds. The 5th dimensional Light is so powerful that things can shift very quickly. As Lightworkers, we are used to doing a lot of “work” on ourselves and with our clients. We really would be more accurately called Lightbeings going forward.

A paradigm shift is happening within the field of energy medicine. As more people realize the power of 5th dimensional Light energy, they will see the need to do things a bit differently than in the past. For example, techniques that involve “doing something” to the client will be a thing of the past. The emphasis will be on the beingness of the energy healer — being the Light consistently. Fifth-dimensional energy healing requires us to truly embody the Light, not just act as a channel for it at certain times. The flow of Light is continuous, 24 hours a day. The 5th dimension utilizes our 5th chakra (the throat) especially, calling us to command the Light through our words.

If you are seeking energy healing for yourself or are a practitioner of energy healing, here are a few things to consider: Where are you in your consciousness? Do you trust yourself first in your own process? Are you asking the Highest Angels of your Soul (part of you) for guidance first, rather than a being outside of yourself? Inquiring into each of these questions can help you to develop a deeper trust within.

Energy healers can operate at 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional levels of consciousness. Choosing an energy healer who is right for you is a part of exercising your inner trust. For example, if you are living at 3rd dimensional consciousness, seeking energy healing from a 3rd dimensional healer would likely be fine. However, if you are living at 4th dimensional consciousness and work with a 3rd dimensional healer, your energy frequency will drop. Likewise, if you are operating at a 4th dimensional frequency that is higher than your 4th dimensional energy healer, then your frequency will also drop. A 5th dimensional healer can work with all levels of consciousness — 3rd, 4th and 5th.

While those who have chosen to ascend into the 5th dimension will get there, having knowledge of the differences in the dimensions and their methods can help you to be on the highest and easiest path to living your Light now!


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