santDr. Sant S. Dharamananda — an experienced scientist who worked for Aveda Corporation as a microbiologist in product development and testing for more than ten years — will speak on the Science of the Chakras on Tuesday, Jan. 7, at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center, in Rochester, MN.

Dr. Dharamananda studied with herbalists from India and enlightened Yogis from the Himalayan Mountains. They guided him in the Science of the Chakras and the use of mantra technology for the development of new products. Dr. Sant designed and formulated the Enlight-n-Scent products, using science and technology along with combining nomadic wisdom from different countries. He used: extracts from the Noni fruits, known as the “miracle fruit” by the nomadic healers from the Polynesian Islands; goji berry from the Himalayas, known as the “wonder berry”; prickly pears from the deserts of Arizona; and pineapple, known as the “fruit of prosperity” by the Hawaii Natives. Dr. Dharamananda also used Himalayan glacial water and deionized magnetized water in all water-based products.

Dr. Dharamananda is a direct disciple of Sri Swami Rama of the Himalayas. He studied with many other Yogis and mystics from different parts of India. Santji, as he is lovingly called, has founded the Himalayan Missionaries in Minnesota and has supported over 103 students in higher education at the Himalayan Education Center in Wisconsin. Dr. Dharamananda made it a policy to give back a portion of the profits from the sales of all Enlight-n-Scent products towards higher education for the disadvantaged.

As an award-winning musician and long-time meditator, Dr. Dharamananda created a line of guided meditation and music CDs for mental relaxation and joyful living. He has dedicated his time to the study of natural product development and education of the spiritual self. He is an international speaker on philosophy and spiritual living. He will have his products available, as well as his CD. Learn more about Dr. Dharamananda at

Cedric Red Feather — Mandan Nueta Waxikena (Turtle Priest) and author of Mandan Dreams — will speak on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center. Cedric’s teachers — Ralph Little Owl and Sam Little Owl — were Mandan who lived the traditional way of life. They spoke the Mandan language and sang the Mandan songs. The time Cedric spent with traditional people, coupled with his own extensive participation in fasting, sweat lodges, sun dances, healing and naming ceremonies, contribute to his work and enable him to radiate love and compassion for all people.

Cedric will have his books on sale and available for signing after his talk.

For more information, please visit or call Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center at 507.281.6649.


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