phone-boxI’M NOT SURE WHO intervened in my life to help me. Was it God or an angel? All I know is that I consider it to be a miracle.

Let me start at the beginning. I was 18 years old and was driving from suburbia to Minneapolis by myself in my parent’s car. The light was turning yellow and I decided to go through the intersection. The rear door of the car was hit by another vehicle. The police were called, and my vehicle was okay to drive but there was some rubbing against the back wheel.

I was nervous about driving it home so I stopped at a fast-food restaurant to call someone for help. This was back when phone calls were a dime. I left home that day with only 30 cents in my purse. My sister was notorious for not answering her phone. I had made three phone calls without reaching anyone, and I was out of money.

I went outside and searched the car. I looked in the glove box and in the trunk. I searched in the front seat and in the back seat. I looked under all the floor mats. I went back inside the restaurant and considered asking for some money, but I was too shy. I went back out and looked in every nook and cranny for some money in the car. My parents were extremely meticulous and their car was very neat and tidy. The car was extremely clean and clutter free, and I ran out of places in the car to look.

I kept going back and forth, searching the car and re-entering the restaurant. I became more distraught. I decided to look in the car one more time. I looked in the back seat and lifted up the floor mats again and, suddenly, there was a folded bill! I cannot remember if it was $10 or $20, but it was crisp and neatly folded twice. I also know the money was not there when I searched earlier. I now had enough money to make many phone calls.

I felt so blessed to have been rescued. I called my sister and let it ring for a long time. This was before she had an answering machine, and I knew she was home. She eventually answered and soon I had all the help I needed to fix the car and get home.

My second angel story happened about four years ago. I was driving down a residential street at night in Bloomington and I was traveling about 40 mph. Suddenly, I hear a voice say, “Slow down, you might hit an animal.” I was startled and I wasn’t sure if I had heard the voice out loud or if it was in my head. I did slow down and, sure enough, moments later a large black dog ambled across the street. I was so thankful that I missed him. I am a huge animal lover and I would have been devastated if I had hit an animal.

I immediately said, “Thank You, Thank You” out loud. I wanted to make sure that whoever helped me knew I was thankful.


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