abstract-orangeWHEN I FIRST ENTERED this world (as a walk-in), the words repeated to me time after time by angel were: “Remember the Light. Never forget the Light.” The lives of my new parents and siblings were turned upside down with my entrance into their young daughter’s form. And my existence, I believe, would have been unbearable without the protection of the angelic realm.

Long before the rise of humankind, Angel have traversed the universe and have interacted with many species of intelligence — some still in existence and some now extinct. As teachers, healers, guides and warriors by the direction of their masters (whether a god or another high vibrational being — never a human) they have interacted and interceded in the evolution of life.

Angel (they say the correct term for more than one is angel, not angels) are so much more than religion or books by so-called “experts” tend to portray them. They scoff at the idea of being seen as renaissance cherubs. The thought that anyone would believe that angel live to find car keys and parking spaces for human beings annoys a good portion of them. It is usually a person’s spiritual guide or deceased loved one who performs these tasks. And they say people who think angel have no gender or personal agenda are severely blinded by many layers of dogma.

Angel can and do appear in very appealing manners to those with whom they interact, and angel can shape shift to almost any form they desire, including that of an animal. They do not believe that most of the human race could comprehend their true form, though they do allude to being likened to looking quite a bit like that of the romantic theatrical views of the Fae and Vampire races, only taller with a radiating countenance. I have personally been privy to be in the presence of warrior angel, and they are magnificently ominous creatures.

As an adult, I now serve as a metaphysical advisor. As a spiritual messenger to the human race, I am privileged to communicate with many angel and the mortals with whom they interact. A common question I am asked about angel by my clients is about their deceased loved ones: “Is my departed loved one now an angel?” and I must often answer, “No.”

Many people believe that when they or their loved one passes from this realm, they will somehow be transformed into an angel. The truth is that unless that individual had the spiritual weavings (DNA) of an angel, it would be virtually impossible for them to become an angel when they leave their human form.

Angel are a race all of their own with many extraordinary abilities, many of which have been villainized due to a lack of spiritual education and fear instilled by religious beliefs and misunderstandings.

Some conspiracy theorists and ufologists believe angel are nothing more than aliens from outer space, that the “greys” are really what one would refer to as angel. According to my angel sources, this just is not so. It seems that angel are not so much outer space aliens as they are immortal inter-dimensional beings that transcend the vibrational trappings of humanity.

Whatever one may or may not believe concerning angel, it is quite apparent that the study of them is a lucrative business for authors and spiritual teachers alike. Their very existence upsets and strains the threads of many, if not all, belief systems. As far as they are concerned, the less the human race knows about them, the better it is. And knowing this private side of their race makes me smile to myself, that a few have looked over my shoulder in approval and with a knowing as I type these words.

The comings and goings of angel have been documented from the beginning of human acknowledgment. They have been associated with miracles and wonders. They have worked seen and unseen.

Angel will continue unto themselves through the rise and fall of humankind. They will exist whether one acknowledges them or not. Angel care not if you believe in them, for they know that they not only exist, they thrive.

Lynn Wolf is a Metaphysical Advisor at The White Lotus Room. I have been doing spiritual readings and advising since I have been 5 years of age. I have been fortunate to have traveled the United States as a mediator between humankind and Spirit. Find out more about me and others at The White Lotus Room at www.WeavingMist.com.


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