Solar plexus
Nervous nexus
Feeling global disdain
World turning out of frame
Then appearing centered
Perfect snapshot rendered
But it is all an illusion
False and fractured…a delusion
There is no portrait perfectly hung
On the wall, for there are none
No walls or windows…only space
As the planetary cervix does efface
We are soon to be birthed anew
A replica of this boulder battered and blue
Smile pretty for the camera’s flashing
Into ourselves we are crashing
Replicated in new ways
2014 brings 365 days
To integrate the changes of 13
Living asleep in our global dream

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Harmony Green is an intuitive healer, spiritual doula and owner of All about the Journey, a healing center located at Her purpose in this life is to assist others in birthing their truth by working closely with her clients one-to-one. She is a humble channel of Father Sky, G Moon and the collective ancestral energies known as The Earth Dwellers and the Peace Bringers. Writing is a very cathartic and connecting process for her, and her blog Daily Danspirations is a love project from her soul. Read Harmony's blog at


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