The motivation for this article comes from my own life experiences, as one person among the many who encounter in vivid clarity the multi-dimensional universe in which we live and aspire to find our calling.

Through this process of consciously becoming a “spiritual seeker,” I have encountered many bumps in the road towards enlightenment and feel compelled to share what is now what I considered the most important thing we could ever do in regards to contributing to the shifting process in which we are embodying at this time. It isn’t in the perfect meditation, healing technique, communication with angelic realms or a flying spaceship in the sky. It is found deep inside every single individual, because in every single individual you will find a part of your deepest self, which is non-self or god.

To see this in a beautiful vision or enter spontaneous trance is a wonderful and beautiful thing, but to take that into your life and bring it to the earth plane right now is the bridge we must cross at this time, and it is where we bring authentic joy into life. While the sensory aspects of our nature are helpful along our path — and fun to play with or use as learning tools — nirvana is only achieved through touching that timeless peace within our core and sharing that state of consciousness with others. Then, when we open up to vastness of the universe with all of the worlds and dimensions, galaxy upon galaxy and the infinite life forms, we can truly see it as an expression of the magnitude of the miracle in which we dwell. Then, we can take this one step further and realize the miracle actually dwells within us.

When I began exploring the experiences I was having as my awakening kundalini led to shamanic journeys of the soul, psychic abilities, vibrational living and energy fields, I was quickly thrust into the community of those who share similar abilities and quickly realized that these traits did not mean one was spiritually realized. In fact, those who claim to be “spiritual” are some of the most deeply wounded individuals I have ever known. I could see that on a deeper level any healer,who does not fully comprehend the illusionary nature of life itself is a healer who needs his or her own healing.

I was constantly hitting a wall with everyone I met, encountering judgment and the density of the ego, which triggered my own unconsciousness to react in sadness and confusion. I could clearly see that those with gifts in the areas of the metaphysical or mystical were identifying very closely with themselves as separate from those who had not yet made this transition. This is a dangerous slope, because the healing takes on an outer identity of the constructed game of the mind. This is true of doctors and teachers, as well. All of the knowledge, all of the experience and all of the talent in the world can only heal on the outer level — and while that is at times necessary, it does not get to the core of all distress, which is the chaotic mind. There are then unhealthy structures set in the brain of codependence on healer and patient and roles of you and me, or separate identities.

The transition we are making towards an Earth composed of awareness and peace must eventually come to an end, as all transitions do. At some point there will be little or no need for healing and seeking practices, because we will all be in full flow and living purely for the joy of living — and all that we do will be driven by the expression of our uniqueness as a part of the universe and not to achieve something or reach a destination.

This isn’t to say that the portals we use to grow, learn and heal are not useful and should be dismissed. It does mean that one must evolve further, in a way where the ego is no longer dominating the experience of our time on Earth.

So, you can continue seeking if you feel that is the action required of you at this time, but by stopping and feeling the miracle of life itself, you bring a depth to your search and begin to rewire your brain into a peaceful teacher of insight and clarity, instead of searching for the next best meditation, channeling or healing. These mediums are all useful instruments, but play with them consciously, with the wisdom that in each moment there is an immovable peace beneath the dancing mind. And know that when you stumble into the pull of anxiety and fear, or when you continually seek out that feeling of belonging somewhere or being someone better than what you are now.

Stop — be kind to yourself and remember: Awakening is only discovered when entering each moment, peace by piece.

Erin D'Ambrosio is a local healer whose particular experience has been directly through her own challenges and suffering. Through the growth process of the emerging new consciousness and death of the old self, a clearer understanding of her role has emerged. She practices her own method of guided visualization for a still and quiet mind. Contact Erin at 651.808.1910 or erindambrosio@gmail.com.


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