Ceremony and traditions enrich our lives. In today’s busy 24/7 world, we need ways to unplug and experience more peace and places where we can unwind and melt into our sanctuaries. We need communities where we can feel safe to express ourselves as conscious awakened beings. We need skilled energy healers to help us navigate our busy lives and sacred ceremony and traditions provide a path that lights our way.

Over the past decade, my journey with sacred sound has expanded my awareness, enhanced my intuitive skills, deepened my relationship with source and touched my heart. Ancient traditions like sacred sound remind us that we are part of something bigger, and when we embrace traditions, rituals and ceremony, we are able to participate in the energy of vibrational alignment where we can experience guidance, divine wisdom, peace, love, healing, delight, amusement, surprise, joy, bliss, compassion and forgiveness.

When we are in alignment with who we are and what we share with the world, we dance in the magic of possibilities and our lives begin to anticipate that something wonderful is about to happen.

I love working with sacred sound and sharing the blessings, attunements and ceremonies with others. My sacred sound sessions, which last 1-2 hours, will ignite your inner radiance and fill your heart with joy. You will feel peace and expansiveness. You will feel loved.

My favorite sacred sound ceremonies are the following:

  • The Blessing, inspired by the Prayer of Jabez
  • Ringing in New Beginnings
  • Divine Will Attunement
  • Awakening Your Abundant Heart
  • A Sound Health Tune Up and Energy Balancing

Sound acts like a massive transmitter as our thoughts, sighs, hums, songs and words communicate to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. By engaging sacred sound in simple, yet conscious ways you develop a powerful self-help tool and expand positive energy around you, which attracts opportunities your way.

One of my favorite responses following a sacred sound blessing, was shared by Terry, who said, “Carolyn honored us with a blessing at the celebration of my husband’s passing. Her voice filled the space and the soothing sound of the crystal singing bowl felt like an angelic choir.”

Carolyn Vinup is inspired by the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. She has been a sound health practitioner for over a decade. Her sacred sound ceremonies, blessings and attunements have touched thousands of people's lives. Carolyn enjoys the magic that unfolds when wishes, intentions and will join forces with sacred sound. Transformational experiences are the norm. Contact Carolyn today for a sacred sound experience that will touch your heart, spirit and soul. Visit and


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