Ego found a mask to wear
One that had me fooled…
It took the appearance of my inner voice
Eloquent in its verse
Whispering what it wanted me to hear
Yet what it failed to realize
Is that what it said wasn’t truth
Its hollow meaning rang through me
Its vibration sounded like tin
Unlike that of intuition and instinct
Which dance within my being
When they emerge to guide my way
Nice try, masked one
Be on your merry way
I know the deception you wreak.

Vanatta Ka'i is a student and Depth Worker under the tutelage of Hanakia Ek-Way Zedek, an urban shaman and spiritual teacher. Hanakia coined a term for those that choose to go to the depths of self: Depth Worker. We are the explorer of the Unknown, not settling for what we have been told is the Truth, rather seeking out our own Truth from within. This collection of poems takes you on my journey, or at least part of my journey, into those depths. Each poem has become a paver to mark where I was and what I was working through, taking me to a depth I had not experienced and unraveling the twisted mess of old beliefs and programming.


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