In downward facing dog, our weight is evenly distributed between our hands and feet. All four paws are rooted into the ground creating a sense of connection with the earth. It is the combination of balance and groundedness that gives a unique sense of unity with all.

Yoga translates to yoking or unifying. Uniting mind, body and spirit is the purpose for practicing yoga. Everyone begins their practice for a reason, typically other than yoking, and receives much more than they expected.

Yoga is experiential. You must experience yoga to understand the united benefits of the practice. Healing, strengthening and opening can happen for everyone, yet each person goes through their unique process of connection.

Start in tabletop pose with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Walk your hands about six inches forward. The index finger and middle finger point straight ahead. Roll your shoulders down your back and away from your ears. Hold your shoulders there. Curl your toes under. Lift your knees off the mat and hips towards the ceiling.

Most important in this posture is not whether your heels reach the ground or if your legs straighten; it is about lengthening the spine. Create the longest back that you can by pressing your sits bones higher and stretching your chest toward your thighs. Take 5-10 breaths repeating the mantra, “I am connected.”

Michelle Ploog is an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) certified in Kripalu Yoga and Baptiste Power Yoga that inspires students to live a life of passion and purpose. During her eight years of teaching, she has taught yoga to an array of students from professional athletes, celebrities, women in recovery from sex trafficking, and adolescents coping with depression.  She has coached and trained yoga teachers as a facilitator for multiple teacher training programs, featured workshops and immersions around the country.  Her intention for teaching is to create a transformational and opening experience for students to embrace their inner light of greatness. For more about Michelle, please visit and


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