Messages coming from far and wide are telling us that the reason we incarnated in these bodies on Earth is to experience what is taking place now: the incredible transformation occurring on the planet. We’re witnessing wholesale changes in institutions and social policy, hidden truths about ourselves are coming to the surface, and authenticity is becoming the status quo. And that doesn’t even begin to address changes occurring to our planet.

We are all being challenged at our very core to be true to our soul. Many of us are changing how we think about ourselves and are being pulled magnetically to opportunities that align with our inner passions. Change is not easy. Millions of people are encountering challenge after challenge, and many have seen their entire way of life turned upside down.

We’re being asked to reconnect to our inner guidance, the same insight that the rest of nature innately uses in every moment. We’re being asked to collaborate and help each other more than ever before. Like a sudden shift of direction by a flock of birds in the sky, our perspectives are shifting without warning, even though a part of us is so inclined to keep doing everything the way it has been done. Some of us are learning, albeit the hard way, that the old way of doing things may no longer work.

The teachers prepare
For decades, those committed to this transformation have readied themselves by cleansing their bodies and emptying their minds. They’ve listened to intuition and have refined their ability to help others who are not yet receiving the innate communication that we’re all programmed to receive.

These are the teachers and mystics and healers and sages, and they exist in every walk of life. They’ve become accustomed to going with the flow, and many of them have already been living as much as possible off the grid. On the edge. In that place where they can respond at will to something new without ruffling a feather. They expect great opportunities and experience them. They also know that the human existence is finite and that death and decay are just as much a part of life as birth and growth.

Ride the wave
We know that things are changing dramatically. Friends who were never green are now installing hydroponic gardens, and family members who were never open to intuition are finding themselves receiving prophetic insights and dreams. Some may naturally know how to move forward and thrive with their new instincts and direction, but many others may be left feeling adrift, not sure what anything means anymore.

The ones with much experience on the spiritual path are in the best position to assist others in this time of great change. They can help alleviate fear, anxiety and confusion, and they can lovingly support those who are gaining their sea legs as everything shifts around them. With mentors who have experienced the dark night of the soul and who have been to the depths only to reinvent themselves through hard work and perseverance, the less experienced will begin to learn how to ride the wave that is this evolution of human consciousness.

What these times call for is a commitment by the experienced to assist the newbies. These times call for seasoned spiritual warriors to not focus so much on exploring uncharted territory as becoming guides for those who cannot see their way through the unknown.

What many of us have been waiting for has been the opportunity to assist humanity in coming together as a whole, each of us supporting each other, knowing that the way forward depends upon cooperation, not competition.


  1. Tim you stated:
    “We are all being challenged at our very core to be true to our soul.”

    What I have been stating is “True to Self!”
    You are probably not aware of it Tim, but the Soul energy and the Self energy are Not the same!! The difference is huge!
    To be True to the Soul, you are stating to be true to the Experiences of the Soul.
    To be True to Self, I am stating to be true to the Consciously Aware Self, that is the One (You) who has experienced the Experiences of the Soul.

    The Soul is the collection energy center for holding a connection to all that has ever happened to you. Kind of like a mini-akashic recording center. This is why I talk about Self, when so many are also using the term Soul. This is understandable, since most do not understand the difference between Self and Soul.

    “Prepare to be of Service” is the title of this editorial.
    Yet, if you look at religions they also discuss being of service to another, to help thy neighbor. You may not realize it, but this is also and Old Energy Pattern that is changing. A very important aspect of this Old Energy Pattern is to help another do what they cannot do for their Self.

    Be the Sun and let your energy flow in all directions. In the radiating energy that emanates from within, you are then an energy example for others to begin to sense within their own Self, that which of value to their own Self will then begin so show up.

    This is all so much simpler than you and others are making it out to be. When you ride the wave or go with the flow, YOU become a part of the wave and a part of the flow. You flow with and the wave flows through you. In a simple moment you never anticipated you state something that comes from the waves, as it flows through you, aligns with you, is often profound, yet resonates so strongly that you know it is because you are in the flow. It did not come from You, but it came through you, because you are riding the waves and going with the flow. What is stated is perfect for that moment and that person or people. No thinking, just BEing. This is not the Old Energy Pattern of Being in Service to Another!! This is SELF, calling ALL energy of Self (individual) back Home to SELF.

    This is why the Old Energy Patterns are hanging on and refusing to leave and let go. The Old Energy Pattern’s are associated with the Soul’s Experiences and the Old Energy Pattern’s do not recognize Self or SELF. The Old Energy Pattern’s are saying…..YOU NEED ME, YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON ME, i WON’T LEAVE YOU! I AM NOT GOING ANY WHERE!

    So the Old Energy Pattern battle to hold on, while in your silence and resolve (not desiring to battle) you are returning to SELF, for the growth and abundant flow of Self (YOU) to BE realized by You, through Your physical human body as it joins the All Inclusive Flow of SELF, as it waves through each individual Self.

    I would like to believe you (and maybe others) might now have a greater clarity and understanding as to what is going on in the wave.

    Please join me, because I AM very deep within the wave, just going with the flow and living in the present moment. No fears….No doubts!!

    In Friendship…..I AM!!
    Ricki Lee Schuster


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