Two simple tools that I have found to increase psychic ability are meditation and female grounding.

Meditation helps us to clear our personal auric space, which allows for clearer perceptions of ourselves and others. With a consistent meditation practice, we become more familiar with our aura and it becomes clearer. By removing unhelpful pictures and energies that we have picked up on a daily basis, we can begin to see and sense through a clearer auric field. The lens that we look through will be more transparent. When our aura is less blocked, our psychic eye can actually differentiate between that which is ours and that which belongs to another person. This is the beginning of real communication.

Speaking from experience, when you find yourself offering to do everything that needs to be done at work, or fulfilling every idea that crosses your path (“I can do that, I can make that happen”), it’s a sign. You can learn to female ground.

Female grounding is not to be underestimated. As women, our bodies are made to create, with a complex environment called a uterus. It is warm, flexible, nurturing and spacious. Millions of people are walking around looking for just such a place to put their ideas and/or pain. Many people are more than willing to use your female creative space to incubate and hatch their project. Women want to fill that space, and men and boys in particular, are happy to oblige with their projects, pain and ideas.

When women ground this space, we become more conscious of what we are allowing into this space. Once we are conscious of that choice, we can make better decisions for ourselves and those around us. While we may want to help others accomplish their goals and ideas, and to rid them of their pain, it is a good idea to check in with yourself. Is this something that I want to do? Do I need to do back flips to make that total stranger at the coffee counter happy? Do I really want to be typing this guy’s book?

A female grounding technique helps us stay focused on our own emotions and energies, and it helps to ease the confusion men can feel when surrounded by ungrounded female energy. Ground your personal astral/emotional body by visualizing a cord being dropped from the base of your spine down into the center of the earth. Go at least 4,000 miles down to reach this place. Attach a cord to your uterus, ovaries and creative space, which sits about 6 inches outside of your second chakra. Connect this cord to your grounding cord and this will make you well female grounded.

Reading and gathering psychic information from our second chakra can create a dramatic feeling and a type of intimacy. We are feeling what another feels, and this makes us appear to be intimate with another person. While this may fulfill a need for closeness and human connection, it is not true intimacy. We are not one with the person standing in front of us. Feeling their emotions as our own can lead to confusion and a lack of boundaries. It is very easy to project our stuff onto another when we believe we are feeling what they are feeling.

A lack of boundary results when we rescue another person from their pain or take in their energy, believing that by doing so we are helping them. This lack of boundary forms the basis of co-dependency. Female grounding can help us to be less co-dependent. Often this pain others are experiencing is part of growth. It is theirs to learn from — and we can honor that by not trying to take it away from them.

A wonderful benefit of psychic awareness is that it helps us to make better choices for ourselves. We also can help other people make good choices for themselves. We do this not by reading their future, but by helping them to see their own situation with clarity and helping each other to find genuine tools for communication.

Sara Remke has been studying Psychic Psychology for over eight years with John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher. This work has helped her to create better boundaries and to have deeper and more satisfying relationships. She teaches introductory meditation classes using tools they have been developing. New classes will start in September, email for details. Sara works with a group to bring John and Gloria to town to conduct weekend workshops two to three times per year. She enjoys travel, water, dreaming and exploring.


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