New, evolving energy practices can help you flow the Light stronger and make your life easier!

Are you aware that energy medicine is changing? Many of the practices and guiding principles of the 3rd dimension, and even the 4th dimension, are becoming obsolete for some people. Some of these older practices may still work for you, however, you may notice that evolving your practices has a very positive and uplifting effect on your energy.

When we step onto the physical 5th dimensional world, there will be a transition time for many. Why not make this transition as seamless and easy as possible? By learning 5th dimensional energy practices now, you allow the Light to flow through you more fully and you empower yourself for a smoother transition later. You are then more available to help others — including your friends, family and clients — who may really need your help both now, and with the 5th dimensional transition.

Fifth dimensional practices are simple. Sometimes less really is more. Breathing into your heart chakra slowly and deeply three times brings a more calm, centered experience. When there are many distractions pulling you in different directions, bring yourself back to your soul by saying, “I choose to be in my heart now. As I breathe, I flow the Light of peace through my entire being.” Then, take several deep breaths to integrate the energy of the words spoken through your mind and body. Exhaling with sound helps the energy to move all the way through.

There are some 3rd dimensional practices that may no longer serve you. Shifting the following practices increases the flow of Light straight up and down through your energy body, rather than dispersing energy outward, which can slow your vibration and can make life seem a lot more difficult than it needs to be:

Discontinue grounding into the Earth — The Earth gridlines are collapsing, and with these changes there is much chaos energetically. You can see this in the world, and may also feel it in your own life. Instead of “grounding” into the Earth, consider anchoring into your heart chakra. This brings a more peaceful feeling, as you are no longer picking up on the energy of the collective, which can create anxiety or a feeling of being “off.”

New chakras are opening beyond the physical body to support you in the ascension process for more strength and stability, without needing to ground into the Earth. These chakras are located below the base (or root) chakra, and above the crown chakra. Becoming more conscious of these chakras allows you to trust more in the power of your own soul, and realize you are no longer dependent on other beings or the Earth.

Personally, I have seen this firsthand with some of my clients. When they changed this simple practice of discontinuing grounding into the Earth, they reduced their anxiety dramatically.

Discontinue sending emotional or low-vibrational energy into the Earth — We are taught not to pollute the Earth, and this is what’s happening energetically when we engage in this practice. Send emotional or low-vibrational energy into the Light above the crown chakra, for this allows this energy to dissolve into the Light. The Earth is going through her own transformational process and can complete that process on her own. Let’s just make it easier for her.

Learning new 5th dimensional practices strengthens your connection to your soul and brings more consciousness to the real power of your energy body. The 5th dimension is about Being the Light within oneself, not depending on another human being, spiritual being or otherwise, for your own growth. It’s about realizing the immense power of your own soul to take you where you want to go. Evolving your energy practices builds an unshakable inner trust that is tangible. The Light then flows continuously, straight up and down through the body. This is the way of the 5th dimension.

Third dimensionally, we would flow energy out towards others, to heal, to protect, and so on. Fifth dimensionally we are being the Light in a direct and independent manner, and as a result, uplifting humanity more powerfully.


  1. Dear Susan,
    I feel that my ascension into the 5th dimension is imminent. When I look back at my life, the feeling is that everything was a preparation for the ascension into the next dimension. It is from last week that it felt that I was being readied spiritually and physically. Most things are already clear to me and explainable by me in the last 2 days than they were in my entire past. I will finish 50 years on Earth on 08.10.2015. I feel cosmic love. My ties to this world hold me back. Please guide me. Warm Regards.


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