We ascend individually as we accumulate enough Light in our souls, taking us to a higher frequency of Light than we were living at previously. Many people are ascending right now, and they will continue to do so until the Collective Ascension, the date of which has not yet been determined, but likely at least seven years from now.

This is the first time that humanity has ascended within the physical body. In the past, souls could only ascend through the process of physical death. This ascension is truly remarkable and something that has been planned for thousands of years.

There are 144,000 souls that are bringing through the most Light for the Earth and humanity, to heal and to ascend. These 144,000 souls are not necessarily healers, and they are evenly distributed around the Earth. Many millions of Lightworkers (also not necessarily healers) also are bringing in the Light. Many are everyday people living with open hearts and being the Light.

The ascension process allows us to flow the Light from Heaven through our entire beings (spiritual, emotional and physical). This increases peace and clarity dramatically, and it can eliminate disease, reverse aging and open up many spiritual gifts. Once a person has reached the 5th dimensional frequency and is holding it consistently, they will no longer be able to lower their vibration. The more people who can flow The Light at this higher vibration, the more assistance we can provide to Earth and humanity as a whole. At the time of the Collective Ascension, there is the possibility that 10 percent of humanity could be living 5th dimensionally. Those living at this vibration will have an easier time transitioning to the 5th dimensional physical world during the Collective Ascension.

Knowing more about the ascension process allows you to live with more peace in knowing where you are going and that you are a significant part in creating something quite miraculous. You are fundamentally helping humanity just by Being Yourself.

Disinformation has been shared that some healers can “activate” others so that they are able to ascend. This is not true. No one can buy their ascension. Your soul knows what to do. You, however, must learn to listen to it. Forgiveness is key to the ascension process — forgiving others and, most importantly, yourself — for everything. Another key is trusting yourself and not giving your power away to another person, or another spiritual being. Ascension is about trusting in the power, truth, love and wisdom of your own soul, and strengthening this connection.

Simple practices can assist in keeping your energy body strong. Breathing into each chakra (including the new chakras opening up) and exhaling with sound helps to release lower energy and balances and strengthens each chakra. It is also helpful to know that some practices could be slowing down your vibration without you knowing it. One example is when people go to multiple practitioners and give away their power, rather than going within themselves for their answers. In some select situations, this can stop their individual ascension process.

Another concern involves 3rd dimensional healers who work on a 4th or 5th-dimensional client. They will often see “issues” where there aren’t any, as they are seeing new chakras opening with which they are not familiar. If the 3rd dimensional healer then tries to close or do something to the new chakra opening, this can definitely harm a client. It’s always best to go within and ask for direction from your soul and then make decisions accordingly.

Trust in knowing that all is well, and your soul knows how to help you ascend. Go within and listen. Let go and forgive. Choose what’s truly best for you. Embrace all of you. Stay strong and have faith. Be Yourself — for that is enough.


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