Exactly 20 years ago in 1995, three very significant spiritual projects were simultaneously and unknowingly being launched. These spiritual projects would profoundly impact the lives of all they touched and function as a significant part of ushering the world into a new era of spiritual consciousness.

As fate would have it, the Universe not only conspired with these individuals to embark on executing their projects, but it also caused a synchronistic meeting between these three groups: My mother Ariel Wolfe and I began Mishka Productions, Neale Donald Walsch wrote Conversations with God, and James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy. These three dynamic projects brought together these people not only in purpose, but in friendship.

In 1995 my mother and I began creating events with the intention of raising global consciousness. We started in my mom’s dining room with just a telephone and a mission. We named the company Mishka Productions after our beautiful family dog that had passed away. What started out as a passion turned into a thriving company, and 20 years later we are producing some of the world’s most sought after events, attracting attendees from all corners of the globe. With my mother now in spirit, I can hear her giggling saying, “Who knew?” Two Jewish girls from New York moved to Arizona and created a company from her dining room and she would say, “We’ve come a long way baby!”

Neale Donald Walsch
Neale Donald Walsch
In a quiet corner in Portland, Ore., a man named Neale Donald Walsch was at a very dark place in his life and felt a great deal of anger at the life he was dealt and, more specifically, with God. His life was very dissatisfying and unfulfilling. He was jobless, homeless and saw no way out of his current circumstances. As a simple method of catharsis, Neale began what he intended to be a journal using a legal pad and pen.

Neale began furiously writing and started firing out some tough questions in his heart to God. As he wrote his questions, he realized that God was answering them, directly through his pen. Neale began to take notes as God responded to his litany of questions. He started writing and couldn’t stop as the clarity and understanding of God’s words only seemed to improve, filling up many legal pads.

With the words of God, the book Conversations with God, Book 1 was born. The result, far from the apocalyptic predictions or cultic eccentricities you might expect, God’s message to Neale was one of basic truth and honest wisdom in regards to how to live in a loving and spiritual manner.

How could Neale Donald Walsch possibly know that this book would turn into something that would break publishing industry records by remaining on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly three years? How could Neale possibly know that this book would change the way people would see God and help deepen the world’s relationship with God? Neale has changed the lives of millions, yet this humble man had no idea when he began writing this letter of anger and upset to God that it would prove to be a catalyst to help heal so many people.

James Redfield
James Redfield
In the same year of 1995 in Alabama, James Redfield, had just written a book and was selling and (on more occasions than he would like) giving his book away from his mobile office, i.e., the trunk of his car. He and his wife were doing all they could to get the book into as many hands as possible, as they knew there was something very special and transformational about this book.

James Redfield and his wife Salle hit the road with their self-published paperback book entitled The Celestine Prophecy. This book was a fictional spiritual adventure story, and it was about to truly play its part in transforming the world. This book talked specifically about the power of coincidences and referred often to the popular word “synchronicity.” It discussed the dynamics of relationships between people and how energy works and flows through all things in the universe, and it taught the importance of paying attention to the synchronistic events in one’s own life.

The Celestine Prophecy took the world by storm. Everyone was reading this book, and finally when a large publishing house took it on, it soared to the No. 1 book on the New York Times bestseller list, again breaking publishing industry records.

In the course of 12 months, these three spiritual projects had begun. James and Salle Redfield of The Celestine Prophecy spoke at the first spiritual event that Mishka Productions created, and Neale Donald Walsch was a featured speaker at one of its events in the months to follow.

The question is, what was happening 20 years ago to inspire this spiritual renaissance? Do you remember what was happening in your very own life 20 years ago? These projects functioned as a spiritual wake-up call for the world, calling people to truly examine their lives. That raises the question, “What will the next 20 years bring?” This question will be addressed and answered at this year’s Celebrate Your Life Chicago 2015 at a panel discussion.

The aforementioned panel discussion is just the beginning of an unforgettable event. At this extraordinary 20 year mark, Neale, James and I will open up this dialogue at our upcoming Celebrate Your Life event in Chicago. This year’s Celebrate Your Life event in Chicago features more than 22 compelling speakers with over 30 workshops, which offer you the chance to hear from industry leaders on a large variety of spiritual, holistic health and personal development topics.

Celebrate Your Life Chicago takes place June 12-15, featuring Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield, Iyanla Vanzant, Caroline Myss, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Panache Desai and many other keynote speakers at this extraordinary event.

For more information about the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago visit www.CelebrateYourLife.org or call 480.970.8543.

Liz Dawn is the co-creator of Mishka Productions and Celebrate Your Life events. She and her mother started creating spiritual events in 1995 to uplift the consciousness of the planet one event at a time. Liz is married to Dr. Jeff Donahue, a holistic practitioner, and they reside in Scottsdale, Ariz. For further information about Liz and Celebrate Your Life events, visit www.CelebrateYourLife.org.


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