I would never have guessed that I would write about plant consciousness.

A few months ago I entered a facility for the aged — a very nice place, but with small quarters. I hesitated about a large potted plant — a ficus tree in a bucket left behind by another owner who had passed away. The tree seemed to be on its last leg and I wondered about trashing it.

After a bit of time, I found it was nice to have the living tree near by my reading chair. For some reason, I began to talk to it. Living alone, the talking part — an outlet for me — became a friendship. As I talked more and more, the tree began to take on new life. It actually perked up!

Talking was therapeutic for me, but suddenly the plant took on a new vitality and seemed to express through its own consciousness. I am in awe of the relationship that has developed between the ficus and myself.

It is real…it is nurturing…and I find myself in deep appreciation.


Charlotte Savignac, who will  be 82 this year, graduated from Emory University in  Atlanta in  the first class to graduate women from the college. She was married for 22 years, has a son and daughter in their 50s and loves to write novels, poetry and letters. She lives in Tampa, Florida.


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